Arsenal 2-4 Manchester United All Goals & Highlights Extended 2005

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Arsenal vs Manchester United
Tuesday 1st February 2005
Emirates Stadium

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Mohd Luqman says:

What a player Silvestre was

Matheus Chaves says:


Aziz Boukhga says:

Suscribe to my channel <3

Harry Huang says:

6:43 Obviously that hair-touching deserves a red card by today’s ECL referee

Н.Н.Б. says:

Вот это Футбол был… не то что сука щас… пидорюги женоподобные… он сука себе татуху бьет и прическу делает ( про рекламы с шлюхами я вообще не желаю расписывать ) а на поле фуфел!!! Говнюки… РАБОТАЙТЕ СУКИ, Мы тоже болеем + много потом болеем после того как за вас болели!!! Уважайте публику или нахуй вас всех!!!

indrajaya jaya says:

19 years old ronaldo

Gareth Lloyd says:

Great game, bad mandatory ads

Victor Woha says:

Ronaldo = play average football,and then feed on chances and score tapins .

William says:

4:51 Lauren scumbag two-footed challenge on Ronaldo… but don't worry because on 5:14 Lauren leaves his position to try and chop Ryan Giggs but is left on his arse, and then 6:09 at fault AGAIN for letting Ronaldo run in behind him 😀

MO AR says:

2 leftback venturing Forward at the end & scores ????

MO AR says:

Ridiculous dive by Cole ???

The Rebellious English says:

I cant get enough of alex fergusons reactions

Wayne Smith says:

How Ashley Cole did not get a yellow card for diving clear dive

brutal puscher says:

Football at his best- full stadiums,emotion and rivaly

Paul Tabb says:

Think o'shea was even shocked he scored lol

TheRealPeti says:

Man utd was a very lucky team shit

Артур Нураев says:

What was the time

Syarip Hidayatttullah says:

Scum Man UTd penaldo

Ad Max says:

This was probably the peak of the greatest rivalry in premier league history. Two teams full of talent and attacking ambition. Chelsea were ahead of united and arsenal that year but this was the match everyone wanted to see. As a united fan i hated highbury that atmosphere and pitch even though we had an ok record there, was still tough. Was over the moon watching this game with ronaldo showing early signs of what was to become. And two world class midfielders, and leaders nearly having a scrap in the tunnel. Loved it. We'll never see it again sadly. red army!!!!

Vincent Zhang says:

so many stars, so many memories…

SHAYS says:

am lucky enough to have watch this man utd team!!

jensibowable says:

Why was cole not booked for that dive?

Secret Records says:

ahhh beautifulll

Jean Ferguson says:

what a night!!!!

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