AC Milan vs Barcelona – San Siro, Milano – Uefa Champions League Introduction

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AC Milan vs Barcelona F.C – Uefa Champions League – San Siro, Milano
Group Stage



i will cry see this in this year 2018

Jhonatan Davila says:

Milan forza siempre

sarp melek says:

??????????????????????????????????????ميلان ميلان

PrankiDudos says:

This brought tears in my eyes. I miss the times where our beloved Milan were in the CL. Hopefully we'll come back stronger than ever! Once Milan, always Milan <3

Alexander says:

Beautiful city. Beautiful stadium. Us Brits invented football, but Italian passion pushed it to a whole new level. Much love from Contes boys in Blue, Chelsea FC <3

وائل جبار says:

It's really unfortunate how long Montella will continue to play with one striker and how long will he change the squad's plans?

Agwi Emanuel says:

forza milan

يزيد الدهمشي says:

فورزاااا ميلان ❤️

mcarrera77 says:

la Voce di San Siro unica

Aum says:

22 Rrrrrriiiiiiicccccaaaaaarrrrrrrdddddoooooo

Seth Opoku says:

we need Milan back in the champions league

Abdullah ABLK says:

AC Milan will be back soon to his favourite championship

Vitor Hugo Piovesam says:

Bons tempos!

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