Fernando Torres All 45 goals for Chelsea FC 2010-2014 HD Welcome to AC Milan

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▶ Fernando Torres All 45 goals for Chelsea FC 2010-2014 HD
▶ Fernando Torres All goals for Chelsea FC HD
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All Goals for Chelsea FC 2010-2014:
1. vs West Ham Home
2. vs Manchester United Away
3. 4. vs Leicester Home
5. 6. 7. vs QPR Home
8. 9. vs RC Genk Home
10. vs Swansea City Away
11. vs Aston Villa
12. vs Barcelona Away
13. vs Manchester City Home
14. vs Reading Home
15. vs Newcastle Home
16. vs Wolverhampton Home
17. vs Arsenal Away
18. vs Norwich Home
19. vs Shakhstar Donetsk
20. 21. vs Nordsjaelland Home
22. 23. vs Sunderland Away
24. vs Monerrey Away
25. vs Leeds United Away
26. vs Aston Villa Home
27. vs Brentford Away
28. vs Middlesbrough Away
29. vs Steaua B Home
30. 31. vs Rubin Kazan Home
32. vs Rubin Kazan Away
33. vs Basel Home
34. vs Benfica Away
35. vs Bayern Munich
36. vs Swindon Town
37. 38. vs Schalke 04 Away
39. vs Manchester City Home
40. vs Crystal Palace
41. vs Southampton Away
42. vs Hull City Away
43. vs Galatasaray
44. vs Atletico Madrid Home
45. vs Cardiff City Away
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Mike Hamilton says:

Underachiever… he could've been as good as Ronaldo but he never progressed! Great talent still

Bryan Ho says:

Growing up as Chelsea fan, I remembered I used to worried abt Torres playing against us when he was with Liverpool. The other one striker I worried abt was Carlos Tevez with Man City.
When I heard Torres was coming over I was so excited! But then he turned the shevchenko way.
Torres played OK for Chelsea tho, I'd give him a pass, and he's actually one of my fav. player. Just for the goal he scored against Barca, that's was the happiest night of my life, ever.

khairul azwan busri says:

Aku nektuk banyak piala…main boi tiap2 petang

anik9701 says:

whoever calls him flop have no idea what he has done for Chelsea
Fa cup -most assists
UCL-semi final goal,final corner from which drogba scored
Europa-highest goal scorer,scored in final too
he has played his part in every trophy Chelsea won during his time.

Supphakorn says:

name the last song plz

johnny67448 says:

It is impossible to argue that his time at Chelsea was highly successful but he did score some very important goals and he won three major honours. He has won everything in the game (except a top flight league title) and when he retires and his grandkids come to his home, he can show them all of his medals. He has scored over 250 career goals. That is very impressive.

-Joaquin- says:

He sucked but at least he scored

Abayomi Okunlola says:

Everyone made it seem as if Torres never scored for us but that is not the case he scored so many fantastic goals for us

frank mekus says:

Thanks el nino

Luck says:

Whoever said he was a flop. Fuck you, this guy is a legend for us, we wouldn't have a champions league trophy if it wasn't for him

J. Robertson says:


acruma says:

I miss you Fernando… Even though you did not had the best lucky at Chelsea I miss you at Chelsea and those 45 euphoric moments you gave me anytime my favorite player scored a goal with my favourite team. Never forget that first goal with the team or that goal against Barcelona. Will always in my memory

afandi gure says:

matap men………

Neil Dickson says:

wheres his goal v swansea i was there he got sent off shortly after

Igon Igon says:

We miss you Torres..

Felipe Courtois says:

Torres scored some damn good goals while at Chelsea

HOBBIT cadillac says:

that awkward moment you realize torres was chelsea's top scorer in the 12-13 season

Logan McGrath says:


Prash Mc says:

5:42 How is this any different from Zlatan's disallowed goal?!? this referee has screwed up anything I ever knew about football!

Darren Lim says:

He helped us won UCL and EL, so he wasn't a flop. UCL+EL > 50m.

Epicmoney 543 says:

wow this us define tell HD

Tengo mekhrishvili says:

Where is goal against Benfica in 2012 Ucl 1/4 ?

Daniel Dodoo says:

From a world class striker scoring fantastic goals to a tap-in striker…. Still love El Nino's passion for the game!!!

Tom Hoogstraat says:

What is the name from the last song?

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