Manchester United 1-1 AC Milan (9-8) | ALL 26 PENALTIES | Highlights | Watch Tour 2018 LIVE on MUTV!

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Watch all the highlights now as Alexis Sanchez shines in United’s ICC match against AC Milan in Los Angeles!

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김도한 says:

kessie is the dog-feet

SkaTT says:

As a Milan fan… I think Kessie was just tired ?

Razor Anthony says:

How many of these players will be starting the league season pfft

Ahmed Mohamed says:

Where did they play

MegaGamerDude says:


Finlay Edwards says:

We’re no league contenders

X men X men says:

Rooney ????

iclark2400 says:

Andreas Pereira is a baller! hope he doesn't go out on loan again..

MatiazZz Lopez says:


AdmiralOddSock says:

Sanchez will be a world beater this season!

soubido says:

the shootout was more than half of the highlights lol

Chadrick Goodger says:

we a CB n willian or bale and we straight to win the epl since 2013

Yassin Hani says:

This is gonna be the year Alexis helps us challenge for top 4

A Simple Noob says:

The pens were the only thing that was exciting

Abdel Khalfi says:

Give Pereira number 10

Felix Marshall says:

Sanchez and Pereira look incredible, key for this season

Advis Dawet ayu says:

Joel Pereira ?

Ian Deeley says:


Asr now says:

alexis mysterio

Franklin Ulrich O. Ohaegbulam says:

I love man utd

VENOM _ says:

Alexis Is A BEAST !!!!!

Kind of Blue says:

We made some chances for a change then

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