FA Cup Semi-Final 2009 Manchester United Vs Everton FULL Penalty Shootout [HD]!

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The epic semi-final penalty shootout at Wembley where Everton beat Man Utd 4-2 on penalties. HD!



Kjca says:

Gives me goosebumps every time, my first time at Wembley as a kid and it was one of my best memories as a blue ? up the fuckin toffees.

Justin Myles says:

Damn as someone born in 1994 this shit was emotional for me. My dad telling me about Evertons history and having to sit there waiting for years. Seeing Everton so happy was such a feel good moment, i remember Everton losing in the final but by then I was proud of the lads. Maybe one day we can go even further

delu bala says:

Pinalty terseru

Marcelo Rodrigues says:

07:09 fellaini

Hari Griffith says:

Still didn't wina cup haha, everton is a dead team

Dean Connolly says:

between 07 and 09 was the best years i ever watched everton , even tho under bobby brown shoes we played better football, this team was full of heart! Miss these days and my europa away days! thankful to moyes for them days tbh!!!

Jack The boss 250 says:


knuddle1968 says:

5:06 Mancs. Say no more.

Aisyah Rahma says:

Mantuak pantek kamera

AnDeH says:

spurs fan here, was the first ever football match i watched i was 7 lol.

Ryan Bolger says:

Who's watching this in 2017

tomscorer efc77 says:

Oh and it's Everton,everton Fc!!!!!!!!

Abdi Ali says:

we should of had a blatant penalty on welbeck during normal time but respect to everton

Shahzad Irani says:

The team took this game a little lightly. If only we had just got through to the final against Chelsea, god damn. Fa Cup final vs Chelsea and Champions League final vs Barcelona would have had this squad more hungry for the grand slam of trophies.

DFC says:

amazing day

liam and utd says:

utd are the best

Mr.BlueNose says:

I remember watching this when I was 7, one of the best days ever!!!

Beer Monster says:

Just found this, and still am holding my breath EFC!

RaZe PuncakezZ says:

i remember watching this when i was 8

Marc Davis says:

Such a dreadful choice of penalty takers from United. How can you have your two centre backs taking the 2nd and 3rd penalties of a shootout! And why didn't Tevez or Scholes take one?! As a Chelsea fan, I was well happy to see them lose this one though, as everyone was saying they were on for another treble

Snm10 says:

hahaha I dont know why I'm laughing at 6:53

Taco says:

Goalkeepers should be acknowledged more often

TheChels54 says:

Man this shit was wild ?

Sean Taylor says:

i was there. my dad and me were trying to buy spare tickets outside and we bumped into an ex west ham player (his name escapes me) and my dad mentioned he had just got back from afghan and he gave us his spare 2 tickets for free 😀

James Bendle says:

6.50 though !! That sums it up right there!! That is something that every footy fan has to experience, limbs !!!???

mind your business says:

COYB HA HA SHIT ON UNITED. GOOD GAME UNLUCKY MAN U, but I am a scouser, as my mancs well and truly appreciate the hate between our respective cities.

AdAm says:

Yeh Adrian Scored A Goal

A96oaye says:

Who watch West Ham v Everton last night? That was rocking! 

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