Mourinho’s Press Conference | Manchester United v AC Milan | Watch Tour 2018 LIVE on MUTV!

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Hear from Jose Mourinho following United’s epic 9-8 penalty shootout win over AC Milan in Los Angeles!

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Barry Praag says:

Losing it big time

Cris Loo says:

Nabil Omer let him destroy the legacy Alex had given to the club . Now his pessimism has transmitted to the fans to the players alike infectious

Mohammad Al- Blooshy says:

When did he talked about klopp ?

warriorprince101010 says:

Mourinho does not look happy with his squad.


Is he crying?

Damien Yeomans says:

What about bale is he comeing to Manchester United ??

CR7-Rvp cls92 says:

Martial should just go if he really wants to go. I dont see the point in holding on to a player who is not fully developed but also not happy or willing to develop under the current management. Unless you plan on sacking managers to please one player its hard to justify Martial's stay if he truly wants to leave.

robert ingram says:

Mourinho does NOT look happy.

robert ingram says:

Ok, United can’t beat the san jose earthquakes (last place in the MLS) and club America but they can beat AC Milan one of the greatest soccer teams in the world. ??

Darren Bennett says:

Wow,, his voice is draining the life out of me

John Slovacek says:

TFM can play right back and play it well!

Akpowene Solomon says:

GGMU congrat TonyMartial

DDTPhoenix 12 says:

He's not happy at Man U, he wants to manage Chelsea

Major Spawnkill says:

That's the best we've seen of Sanchez since signing him..

Abemo Naga says:

Sell Herrera

Soccer As We Like It - The Manutd Direction says:

Pereira i needs game time, i just hope , JM will not loan him out this season and let him play some big games, he played well last night against AC Milan, Shaw was poor, Damian was not bad considering, scouse up next

r g says:

I hate jose so much lol

A Simple Noob says:

Those pens had me dying ???

I love this game ❤️ says:

Still has to moan, Parreira was class….HES got to stay….

Ahmad Raad says:

He is the reason why liverpool channel have more suvscribers!
Sack Mr.neagativity ffs..

brainfreeze says:

our wing backs sucks.

Billy carpet87 says:

Meanwhile Scholes is giving interviews to have Jose play Luke Shaw. Have you seen the guy last night? He is beyond overweight. He is like Jack Wilshere. Utterly overrated and the worst players ever

David Stewart says:

Has this rocket forgot about the existence of tfm or axel? Not only is this fool done at United I'm honestly starting to think he's done in football

cnere1 says:

Park the bus Jose

Oron Culzac says:

First of all, Captain Darmian is the fullback we need!!
Second, Pereira and Fred in a midfield with Pogs looks promising for the future!

Leenkesh Ramlagun says:

IF Pereira was english the media would be going crazy as to why Jose isnt playing him.

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