PES 2012 Predicts: Barcelona Vs AC Milan 3/4/12 Champions League

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Two heavyweights of European football collide once more tonight. After a holding Barcelona to a statemate 0-0 draw at the San Siro. A.C. Milan now travels to the Camp Nou for the 2nd Leg of the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Champion League. Who will prevail?! Only time will time!

By setting both teams under the control of the CPU on “Top Player” and both teams set on “Good” conditions. I have attempted to predict the result before the official kick-off, as determined by PES 2012.

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(Previous Results)
Quarter-Finals (1st Leg)

Marseille 0-2 Bayern
AC Milan 0-0 Barcelona
APOEL 0-3 Real Madrid
Benfica 0-1 Chelsea

Round of 16:

Benfica 2-0 Zenit (Agg: 4-3)
Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan (Agg: 3-4)
Lyon 1-1 APOEL (Agg: 1-1 APOEL win 4-3 on penalties)
Barcelona 7-1 Leverkusen (Agg: 10-2)
Internazionale 2-1 Marseille (Agg: 2-2 Marseille win on away goals)
Bayern 7-0 Basel (Agg: 7-1)
Chelsea 4-1 Napoli (Agg: 5-4 Chelsea wins after extra time)
Real Madrid 4-1 CSKA Moskva (Agg: 5-2)


Pro Evolution Soccer 2012:
Developer(s): Konami Computer & Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher(s): Konami

PES 2012 Match Prediction: UCL Barcelona Vs AC Milan 3rd April 2012
PES 2012 Match Prediction: UEFA Champions League Barcelona Vs AC Milan 3/412
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theZodiacDigital says:

how is a 0-0 draw away "humiliation"? do you know what that word means? losing 4-0 might be humiliation. drawing away is not. this is seriously so stupid. if drawing 0-0 away is a humiliation what is drawing 0-0 at home, like milan did? torture?

i'm not talking about that game, i'm talking about throughout the season there were all kinds of injuries. they are installing artificial grass because it was that big of a problem.

and im not critcizing abiatti. he fouled the player, thats just a fact

theZodiacDigital says:

i have played football, stop making things up.

you call me blind and then agree that the cesc call was right? are you stupid?

i have no idea what youre talking about as far as busquets. if he had a dive in one game 2 years ago, great, and totally irrelevant.

the pitch was shit. guardiola didnt say anything. he wasnt "humilliated" they won the freaking tie. the pitch was so bad it was causing injuries. according to the italian press milan is going to install artificial grass for next season.

theZodiacDigital says:

OK Abiatti didn't mean to clip Sanchez (maybe) but that doesn't mean SANCHEZ forced him to or that it was their freaking strategy. Busquets I'm sure dives in some other game, that's not what we're talking about at all. The Cesc penalty was about as obvious as they come and it's only because certain people hate Barca they become blind. Oh well!

Freezing conditions is one thing. The thing is those are natural – not watering the pitch is a thing Milan should have control over.

theZodiacDigital says:

tell me which of these statements is false:
tugging a shirt is a foul. (this is in the rulebook)
a foul inside the box is a penalty. (this is in the rulebook)

theZodiacDigital says:

youve successfully gone and argued in a circle. do you want me to go back and tell you everything? its not a "trick" for alexis sanchez to be fouled by the keeper. that's not something he "tried to do". that's something the keeper did to him. same witht eh algerian holding puyol. puyol didn't trick him that's his choice. did busquets mind control nesta to hold his shirt? No? then shut up about it.

and yes the pitch was a disgrace. can milan not afford water more than twice a year?

theZodiacDigital says:

i dont remember that. but lets say he did grab his arm. it COULD be a penalty certainly but the fact that a different ref for whatever reason (didnt see it, whatever) didnt call THAT foul doesnt mean that ANOTHER ref should then pretend not to see a later foul.

and that guy the algerian fullback, grabbed puyol in the first leg too and that could be a penalty. and abiatti clipped alexis in the first leg too. and those werent called either.

want a game with 4 penalties for barca and 1 for milan?

theZodiacDigital says:

it's not always called, no. but does that make it WRONG to call it? the fact that it is not always called does not mean it NEVER should. really, think about it.

theZodiacDigital says:

whatever. point is wherever you got it from it's not the official laws of the game. you can find the official laws of the game on they clearly state that "holding" an opponent is a foul. this means you cant use your hands to hold someone, including holding their shirt.

theZodiacDigital says:

oh boy. i love it when people quote random websites as if it were gospel.

this is from the official laws of the game:
"A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player
commits any of the following offences: holds an opponent"

holding an opponent (whether it is by the shirt, arms, legs, torso, head, whatever) is a foul and punished by a direct free kick. a direct free kick in the area is a penalty shot. case closed.

Maurice LaFon says:

dude almost got punched in the head at 4:35

theZodiacDigital says:

it's not really relevant. the act of tugging the shirt is in itself a foul. it doesn't matter if the other person falls backwards, forwards, sideways, or not at all.

theZodiacDigital says:

offside? ball came from the defender to messi, offside does not apply. obvious penalty if there ever was one. busquets penalty was debatable, of course. but it was given and i respect the decision for the simple fact that tugging the shirt is a foul. sanchez was clipped by the keeper and no penalty given. i respected that decision as well. puyol grabbed by mensbah and no penalty. respected that decision as well. again, 2 out of 4 is fair. for the anti barca crowd only 0 out of 4 is "fair."

theZodiacDigital says:

are you serious? if i'm nesta i don't tug busquets's shirt. end of story. no penalty would be called if nesta wasn't holding the shirt (which he CLEARLY was). you can curse theatrics until the end of time and it wouldn't have mattered if nesta had not – by his own choice – decided to tug the shirt which is plainly against the rules. whether or not you believe it was "theatrical" doesn't matter – a player should not be tugging another's shirt. it is against the rules.

theZodiacDigital says:

in a two-legged tie there are nearly always going to be good calls and bad calls for either team. you could just as easily ask "why does every team get good calls against barcelona?" milan being the PERFECT example. barca had 4 penalty appeals and 2 were given and 2 weren't. that's about fair in my book. of course in the anti-barca world, it's only "fair" NONE are given.

devilantony krop says:

mourhino manipulated ppl so that ppl can hate on barca shaaame

Jacob Lancostellard says:

it's never normal when there are more calls for than against and that's exactly what is going on with barcelona since the "leyendary team" started winning lots of trophies.Just for the record, when I mentioned 2012 I meant the match against Milan in San ciro for the first round. Xavi dived as soon as he felt that someone was pulling out his jersey, to my surprise the ref signaled penalty, I was like what?!, it had happened before in the spanish league with Xavi as well

theZodiacDigital says:

so when a refereeing decision goes barca's way it's because they "paid the refs" but when it goes against barca it's just normal? so you're saying the default normal thing is for EVERY SINGLE call to be against barca? come on that's silly. EVERY – repeat – EVERY team has good calls and bad calls. Barca are no exception. doesn't imply cheating or any silly conspiracy.

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