Milan AC vs. Real Madrid spoof concert / Heineken Champions

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A Heineken operation involving more than 1200 people, victims or players.

Missing a top football match for Milan AC fans…Here’s how it happened in October 2009. Music tracks : “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis and “Right here, right now” by Fat Boy Slim.

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Antonio G says:

olympic champion in 1996 and 2000.

Mustafah Dilzar says:

And Milan raped madrid ! FORZA Milan

Ryan012 says:

Milan won it with 3:2 😉

Barbara Igoe says:

Excellent !!

RoPhiFra says:

who won this game?

Peter-John de Kock says:


Dominik Słowik says:

Mają rozmach skurwisyny:)

Andy Sea says:

Haha some guys still looked disappointed, like I have to watch this with my girlfriend sober in a monkey suit with my boss sitting next to me?

young lu says:

@JDvzs so am i!!!!!

juspelaakso says:

One of the best marketing tricks that I have ever seen! That's how you should make the product meet consumers!!!

leslieberenice says:

Me encanta este video

Vittorio Menini says:

Il concerto d'archi è una cagata pazzesca!

ArminRz7 says:

that awkward moment when i'm watching this on oct. 21st…..

Dư Ngô says:

This video is the reason i watch youtube!

João Devezas says:

I would burst into tears in the second that the champions league anthem started playing. Seriously

frunz971 says:

Second one is Yuri Chechi

The Ad Show says:

@adolescentulmiop Music track at the beginning : "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratellis.

OneBigFamily says:

pleaseeee the name of the song 0:14 !!!!!!!!!!!

Juan Lara Perez says:

juro que hubiese llorado despues de eso XD

Ross Cannon says:

did they serve beer there? if they didnt i would be really pissed of

2RoPpXx2 says:

damn I came here to hear the activate ac activate song from master chief XD

Mohamed Ben Abdel Fatteh says:

Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Vinicius Pitta says:


Fher Armas says:

@ounpug I'm with you…

Synthie-Beda / Mug says:

the guy at 3:57 was probably really there to watch the concert…

MaggiBjarni says:

@CulturePub What about the second one?

The Ad Show says:

The 1st one is Antonio Rossi, an Italian champion of canoe sprint

The Ad Show says:

Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now

MaggiBjarni says:

Does anybody know the two guys they interviewed between 2:10-2:15… One with dark hair and one bold.

Dorota Słoniecka says:


The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger

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