Champions League Final 2003 | Juventus vs AC Milan 0–0 ( 2 – 3 ) | Full Highlights HD

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The 2003 UEFA Champions League Final was a football match that took place at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on 28 May 2003 to decide the winner of the 2002–03 UEFA Champions League. The match was contested by two Italian teams: Juventus and Milan. The match made history as it was the first time two clubs from Italy had faced each other in the final. It was also the second intra-national final of the competition, following the all-Spanish 2000 UEFA Champions League Final three years earlier. Milan won the match via a penalty shoot-out after the game had finished 0–0 after extra time. It gave Milan their sixth success in the European Cup.


Alberto Ferrante says:

Che piacere sapere che la Iuventus fu battuta dal Milan ai calci di rigore. Mister Ancelotti il.29.9.2018 lo ha ricordato con grande piacere.

Alfred says:

Força Milan

Soldatinoable says:

Crazy fun Buffon without CL

Bruno Ricardo says:

Oque o Dida adiantava kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .

José A. says:

Two years later Liverpool won the Champions League against Juve in 4tos and the greatest final ever vs AC Milan

Gonza Obregon says:

yo tuve la suerte de ver a Pirlo jugar en el Milan

Alberto Andronache says:

Win nou milan ???

Faiz Reandito says:

Dida and Buffon on his prime

R. kaká says:

Quando o Milan botava o terror

HeronOfHeaven says:

The game of Conte shooting sky

9 p says:

I still don't know how sheva's goal was offside

Hendo says:

Back when football was good, so many legendary players. All teams where stacked back then, all leagues was interesting and UCL. Glory days! I was so sad because my Juventus lost but Milan was beast back then, after Juventus i always cheered for them. Fuck Inter…

Святослав Карнаух says:

Sheva is champion!

Club Modnar says:

dida came out so far on the his 3rd save hahahaha

Petit Tall says:

The day I really started watching football in my life. I remember being the only the person in the house supporting AC MILAN that night.

João Paulo says:

Dida o grande heroi dessa conquista

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