Ricardo Kaká vs Manchester United – Home (02/05/2007) With English Commentary

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Guga KakaTV says:

Happy Birthday Legend!

fares chibani says:

j adore kaka ❤

faris Bazli says:

Pure midfielder

The Oblivioner Gaming says:

Quando al Milan giravano sempre e solo campioni e talenti..

Meiko .R says:

Forza kaka…not some diving or drama players if you know who i meant…lol

Fernando Caceres says:

La última leyenda antes de los mitos de CR7 u messi

Sugar ray says:

I miss this AC Milan

أمينة الجزائرية says:

En toute honnêteté , il mérite m'ballon d'or

bamse says:

Kaka in SerieA, C.Ronald in P.L., Messi in La liga
each comparable symbols played in different comparable leagues.
most balanced & exciting era for me

Batuka Batuka says:

He is better than Ronaldo and Messi

Oentoeng Prasaja says:

Kangen sama pemain dulu Milan…

Johan Sagastume says:

Milan at their best sadly they never updated the squad… and sold their talent to rivals, while others just grew older…

Kaustubh bhagwat says:

1:10 its Nesta who passes the long ball not Oddo .. you can see Oddo making a run down the right flank

welcometofunkytown says:

Honestly when he's on form you could compare the way dribbles to Zidane. And Zidane is the best ever.

NB says:

What was the point of this video? He only makes a couple of easy passs

M Mm says:

talented best player ever ???

matheus vanancio says:

Admiro muito o futebol do Kaká, jogava demais!

Ricardo Kakà says:

good job my friend!

Marko GUGA says:


This is why aliens don’t talk to us says:

greatest playmaker I've ever seen with my own eyes. and my favourite player ever!!

Bappa Sardar says:

Legend of kaka…..

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