Highlights Real Madrid 3-1 AC Milan – 12/3/2003

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Uefa Champions League 2002/2003


Avijit Dev says:

i wonder how a team like Real Madrid depends on such nonsense defenders like helguera pavon and salgado, pathetic

Max Lupo says:

ma ajax-Milan 0-0 nn si trova?

Harry Sandoval says:

The quality of touching of this Team is outstanding. Que mortifero eran.


2:45 zidane pura magia y elegancia

27kpboateng says:

la ricordo come fosse ora….eravamo già passati come primi del girone

Jefferson Huang says:

Pirlo looked so young back then…

Primo Dragon says:

è il milan che sarà campione d'europa proprio in quella e3dizione della champions?

Alessio Esposito Langella says:

4:33…grande Raul…

Scor Pion says:

so many legendary players on both sides!

Riley Dawson says:

Yeloo, I really loye it like real %

Yan Cheung Lee says:

I remember the UCL winner was Milan in year 2003. In this game, which Milan lost at Madrid was mainly due to they fielded half of the team with reserve players because they already qualified for the knockout stage. Pirlo, Rui Costa, Nesta, Gattuso, Inzhaghi did not start in this match.

Juan Santos says:

Ronaldo ??

Miguel Gracia says:

otro royo el control de zidane

Alex says:

Hala Madrid!!! Puta Milán!!!

Meyner Avalos says:

Extraño este madrid 🙁

TheDazzler420 says:

Ronaldo nazario de lima

عيد العنزي says:

كل مباراة نجم وكان نجمها ابو غونزالس وقتها

Biggean Villarroel says:

RM all times:
Casillas, Sanchis, Hierro, Ramos, R. Carlos, Michel, Pirri, Gento, DiStefano, Puskas y Raul

azez mohamed says:

زيداااااااان 2:44 zeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzoooooooooooo

Direito Facape 2014.1 says:

Velhos e bons tempos!

mrbean9360 says:

van persie in the crowd at 3:45

Yoav Gruper says:

why show yellow cards and substitutions? who cares?

Arsen Loben says:

Rodendo <3

John bonham Bruce lee says:

fernando redondo

FootballCompHD says:

Looking to this and comparing with now, these nowadays players are amateurs in comparison with the classics…

sergiodea7crack says:

K grande raul hala madrid

Xavier Tinoco says:

Ronaldo IS there…didn't you see him?

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