Real Madrid vs AC Milan 3-1 – UCL 2002/2003 Best Match Ever Full Highlights

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real madrid : casillas zidane ronaldo r.carlos raul luis figo beckham guti
ac milan : sedoorf shevschenco maldini gattuso nesta rivaldo DiDa



Ronaldo,figo,Raul, zidane,Roberto Carlos GOATs

F Polizio says:

Rivaldo was also very talented. I think he's underrated, but this is probably coz he played among other great players.

Halit Akın says:

Too many bad shoots for this high quality standards

Pecker Eyal says:

זידאן יא גבר

djfunkychicken says:

I lived and loved watching this all live years ago.. I'm called nostalgic for saying that the last generation was way beyond better.
Fenomeno.. Batistuta.. Baggio.. Henry.. Zidane.. Dinho.. Pirlo.. Zola.. Nesta.. Buffon.. Dida.. Maldini.. Thuram.. Carlos.. Weah.. Okocha
So if they think there were better PS4 FIFA's in previous years.. they must be nostalgics too!

Huyến Huỳnh Ngọc says:

Toi thik cac cau thu thoi diem nay cac ban thi sao

kmika7e7 says:

Best years of football are… (Insert here your teen years)

La Kunca tu Madre says:

Oh really?
How bout Man Utd vs Real Madrid?

Riccardos16 says:

Best match? C mon …

Kourosh Meghdadi says:

Best match ever? really ???

Ziko G says:

Zarco Kalac is the worst keeper ever lol

Walid Ismail says:

Match between best ever teams

Twincam Mike83 says:

Revaldo was top class as well….

Espiritualidad Y Filosofía says:

todavía no entiendo cómo pudo perder ese real madrid la champions una pena.

Erick Moncada says:

Estoy sorprendido q un central tan malo como larsen haya jugado en el milan, siempre fue una basura de central

zobielamouche1 says:

best match ever?

Calcio Italiano Iscrivetevi says:

real fortissimo

Calcio Italiano Iscrivetevi says:


Calcio Italiano Iscrivetevi says:

forca real ?

A Y says:

Redondo why did real let him go

Pius Shungu says:

Is that year Milan won CL against Juventus at Old Trafford?

- خالد ، ACM says:

– forza milan ❤️

Evren K says:

Lmao, Martin Laursen, what a joke that he was on that team. Look at him in this match lmfao. Just a plain joke

رسمي للشيلات says:

0:48 wtf goal

Aly Soumare says:

Milan won this c leagues.

John Aragão says:

R Carlos the best

Twincam Mike83 says:

Ronaldo was outstanding striker.. probably the best Ever…

فاشخ العالم الخول says:

Ancheloti is very weak coach

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