FIFA 17-AC Milan Squad?

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We’ll take a look a look at the players Milan have brought in and some potential new signings that might be on the Milan roster for FIFA 17.


gianni sampo says:

same as every year. they said they will buy players, but they didnt buy shit only bad players like sosa. (no kovacic, no musacchio)

RC 205 says:

Hi I'm new here and I really like this video.I don't think pjaca will come to Milan as they lost they edge lead to Juventus and Saponara I don't think he fits in this new formation.I would like to see more zielinski play as he is close to Milan after Milan reached an agreement with Udinese.

ramyar mentk says:

Do a AC Milan career mode with being montella and only sign realistic transfers

MiB mac says:

Where have u been

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