PES 2018 vs FIFA 18 | AC Milan Player Faces Comparison

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Hey guys, since Early Access for the PC is out I just thought I’d show you the difference between both football games we have out right now. PES 2018 on the left & FIFA 18 on the right!

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Luiz Football says:

Locatelli in pes ❤❤

Daniel Bernal says:

Bueno al menos con lo del mundial el FIFA ya tiene la cara de donaruma y Ricardo Rodríguez v':

Music - Hyper says:

Speaking about Scanned faces most of the times FIFA wins… However we cant surpass that EA is bastard firm

Riccardo R says:

Now Milan team are good with update


que te pasa hijo de puta

Heru 1899 says:

Pes better than fifa

KJ Gaming says:

Lyon non nhlmmg

Andrea conti says:

Aren't this the faces of pes
(Sorry for my english)

gb gb says:

Suso in FIFA?

Domenico ligorio says:

Rodriguez su Pes assomiglia alla realtà

Studio Iraq says:

4:54 Fuck FIFA ?
Bonavintora in pes best

Massimiliano Calio' says:

Pes the best

Giocatore competitivo di Rocket League says:

Milan is a partner of pes

gabriele p. says:

FIFA fa cagare, zero somiglianze

Kevin Liang says:

I stopped watching this video when i saw gigio face on fifa 18

Matteo Rovetto says:


Все и ничего says:

бл FIFA за Бонавентуру обидна

Drogaemon XL says:

Cutrone xdxd

Drogaemon XL says:

Gana pes, pero no por mucho realmente

김진환 says:

피파 페이스온 그냥 신경도 안쓰나?

JoãoVieira says:

this video is fake because andre silva and more have fifa 18 official face
the faces of fifa 18 in this video are fifa 17 ty for the bullshit man

Nathan Pulido4 says:

Según yo en gráficos gana pes

Juan gamer says:

Eso e mitira nao é a sim o pes 2018

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