AC Milan – Arsenal Trailer UEFA Champions League HD

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AC Milan vs Arsenal Official Promo by me!Hope you like it!
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Ricardo Mendes says:

I thought you already knew that… no one and I mean no one is never safe when they come to the emirates

AsianAwesome69 says:

I learned two things, just two, from the 2nd leg match.
1. In Wenger I trust forever
2. Nobody is safe at the Emirates

Pepijn de Kler says:

@bigorkha1 yeah that's true they should have a coach like guus hiddink, arsenal is very lucky with having robin van persie in their team, if he leaves the club and goes to man city or real madrid or something, than arsenal doesn't have much chance to win prises, btw are you a dutchman?

Bigyat Hamal says:

@KleRtJeE yeah it was out of a blue with shockingly aweful milan defence. they have earned my respect after that game. without getting rid of wenger they should replace wenger with someone like guus hiddink as a manager cause wenger is better at scouting young talents than he is a tactician.

Pepijn de Kler says:

@birgorkha1 haha you saw it last night, and not enough offensive power? Walcott and at the moment the best attacker in premier league Robin van Persie

Bigyat Hamal says:

@99hamza786 how r they gonna score that much? milan has one of the best defense in europe right now and arsenal dont have enough offensive power to break it through. milan scored past 4 cause milan have other options up front than just ibra.

Hamza Nawaz says:

@powe77y I can see it happening, lately Arsenal have been on fire, anything can happen, just like no one expected AC Milan to win 4-0, it happened, the same can happen again but with a larger victory for Arsenal!

MusicWe TalkAbout says:

Hey! There is still the 2nd leg match at Arsenal home stadium Emirates! A lot of change can happens!

Jay Williams says:

Arsenal fan are shit, all they sing is 'were the greatest team in the world.' Their support is about as good as Wigan

Shahid Issa says:

Fuck off they are bloody 4th, I bet you are some fucking Man City glory supporter

Marvin says:

Never seen arsenal play this shit even when they lost 8-2 against united they were better.

Ivan Todorov says:

@TezoClubz arsenal-loosers ;dd

Phenyo Mothibedi says:

the main problem is mr wenger,when is he leaving if i mae ask?

fghfhg1212121 says:

arsenal is a really shitty team, they deserve to play in league 2

Miha Yurin says:

yeah))MILAN wins))

victor ariel says:

@TezoClubz yeah right

Александър Николов says:


AL80 says:

@Abec92 if Szczęsny is the best, then Abbiati is the Ultimate!

saitgoth says:

Szczęsny the best

BosskiPiterable says:

Great video, great match, but Chelsea will win Champions league 😀

Haz Hawk says:

milan = 7 champions league
arsenal = 00 champions league
arsenal + milan = 00 + 7

milAN = 007……………. champions league hahaaha

Thatomgninjadude says:

@aboosh123456 Lol in your dreams, Arsenal is not a seria A team

Danos says:

my two favourite clabs ;D

PoppinBigThings says:

I guess we get to watch the final a little early

Mis hka says:

Forza Milan !

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