Fifa 10 Real Madrid Vs AC Milan First Half

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Ronaldo Penalties & Real Madrid Vs AC Milan requested by Mimarsinan2s. First Half


Raindropz says:

1:43 lol the referee

CrazyPlayerMNM CrazyPlayerMNM says:

I'm of Barça and I click on like -.-

Surphyse says:

@alexlionfir Thats the best thing about European Football and Referees that is in fifa. The reasons why the Referee doesnt stop the match when your player is pushed or tackled is Because your player most likely already has the advantage and most of the time if he doesnt have the advantage the Referee will stop it (though sometimes this doesn't happen in the game just like it is in the real games) and stopping the game too much will lessen the amount of tension and entertainment in the game.

Tallush says:

@alexlionfir How old are you? let the game flow… obviously U don't see football games… FIFA referees are the best referees compared to real life… the thing is – Let the game continue – U'r player sin't injured – Free kicks will be given when it's a serious tackle…

pede says:

Game starts at 1:11

AshMC says:

@09qais Of course.

Qais Majroh says:

@MrWWEmatchesUploader and ronaldo 😀

Edward Ibarra says:

is this xbox360 or ps3

Munjas H says:

@MrWrestlingPanchu How is this fifa 11, you idiot?!

Geani10 says:

@dragomessi yeah i know but my graphics driver can't run fifa 11

Geani10 says:

i wish that fifa 10 on pc to be soo good as on xbox 360

1bimano says:

@SuperLT101 bullshit Messi is way better

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