Tiemoue Bakayoko ● Welcome to AC Milan ● Interceptions, Dribbling Skills & Passes

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SportVideosMM says:

According to Gianluca Di Marzio: "AC Milan are in talks to sign Chelsea midfielder Tiémoué Bakayoko on loan."
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Simo Jovic says:

im so glad hes gone for even a season he will never play in chelsea again

jamie lockett says:

Bakayoko is genuinely living proof that the french league is like the conference compared to the premier and other major leagues like seri a. Like seriously looked like a player with decent ability and great potential at Monaco but by far the shittest player to be signed in the premier for over a decade. Reason why I don’t rate neymar anywhere near top 7 in world. Difference between doing it against Nantes and Manchester City

Van Thinh Cung says:

He is the most midfielder in Serie A .a compliment from Vietnamese

Joseph D says:

Alright Milan AC. That’s what I’m talking about. You guys are so helpful. Do you guys want Morata too?

Ale Zana says:

Quanto è scarso?

Invincadowgaming 5763 says:

He would't go to Italy because he is ….. well you know.

Dede Rifaldi says:

oh man i feel bad for him

Daniel Shamu says:

World class player, can still be great, If Matic hadn't left Baka would have adapted just fine learning from him.

عبدالجص القبائلي says:

لعب جيد بكايوكو

????? says:

Bakayoko isn’t even championship quality and I’m not even joking. He can’t pass, he can’t shoot even if his life depends on it. His touch is worse than Lukakus. He’s slow and even lazier than Ozil. He’s strong and overuses it giving away countless fouls per game. Now I think of it, I can’t see any clubs signing him. I could actually do better, I’m not even joking. Shittest footballer ever.

Andrea Agosti says:

after all, also Lukako, Salah, Cuadrado were crap players according to Chelsea

Alessandro Secchi says:

What's the song name???

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