FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 3-1 // UEFA Champions League Final 2010/2011 HD

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FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 3-1
FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 3-1


Ken Peerapairoj says:

I remember watching this like 2:00 in the morning just to see United lose.

Kink Sall says:

The Greatest Club….#Ever ????✌??

kelvin meklaut says:

05:51 rooney cry and messi happy ??

rafael gome garcia says:

El barxa es futbol.de atake

rafael gome garcia says:

Xavi hernandez el mejor mediocampista de la historia

rafael gome garcia says:

Messi es el mejor

Nicholas Watts says:

ronaldo's teammate scores: seething fury
messi's teammate scores: can no longer stand due to happiness

Daniel Takafaz says:

melhor time que eu vi jogar!! sdds desse barcelona ?

BBNN 92 says:

Gol de rooney en fuera de juego…

JD 1 says:

This was a footballing lesson.

Valentín Contador says:

The error of Manchester United was to have entered a game without accepting from the tactical system that they were an inferior team, it is a consequence to prepare a defensive match tactically (starting I can not fit in the head that Messi is so alone) and come out in lethal counterattacks (to English) ..
Badly raised by Ferguson, accustomed to being abasallador and offensive, sometimes you have to yield and be smart to raise a specific match.

El error de Manchester United fue haber entrado a un partido sin aceptar desde el sistema táctico que eran un equipo inferior, es decir preparar un partido defensivo tácticamente (de partida no me cabe en la cabeza que Messi esté tan solo) y salir en contragolpes letales..
Mal planteado por Ferguson acostumbrado a ser abasallador y ofensivo, a veces hay que ceder y ser inteligente al plantear un partido en específico

Tong Wu Year 10 says:

This is a video of Barca molesting Man united

Dale Collins says:

Rio Ferdinand was shown to be a totally useless centre half against world class forwards….Always quick to point the blame elsewhere. Messi used him like a puppet on a string….

German Media says:

Two of my favorite teams, always a great watch. Better than the Manchester Derby

begoña Geada Caballero says:

3:20 TOP

вαву gαяу says:

I have played enough fifa 18 to tell you Rooney’s goal is offside

ATHI-Enkosi MAPUKATA says:

The Glory Days.

Nhóc Sky says:

Cánh tay vn đâu r

Bboys Tri/vid says:

Como dejaron ir a Rodríguez y Villa. XD

pedrofont1999 says:

Folladote del barça

Marten Mohulaingo says:

David Villa

MessiElMejor769 says:

The players who had to score, scored (forwards), and those who had to assist, assisted (midfielders). Pedro, Messi, Villa, and Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets. Absolutely wonderful.


5 – 1 on agg

Aidan Santistevan says:

God I hate Barcelona…

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