Alexis Sanchez vs AC Milan (Pre-Season) 25/07/2018 HD1080p

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Alexis Sanchez vs AC Milan
Manchester United 1-1 AC Milan (PK 9-8)


The Maxies says:

Well it was a Jan move .He needed time to get on with team

tobenna ekwunife says:

Sanchez and Pogba??

abdi1983 says:

loving the new kit.

Barry Deegan says:

Commentator- ALEEXIS

isou says:

God show is shit he cant even cross the ball

aiman man says:

??he's doing good

Eunan 02 says:

God these commentators

The Maxies says:

Alexis has got better

PiPio says:

He has a good game because of Pereira has been doing very very well in passing, he got the ball he wanted from him

Thaworn Chalearm says:

he's come back!!

Sa5m M says:

21 incoming

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