AC Milan 2 – Real Madrid 2 HD. Cristiano, Pepe e Iker en zona Mixta. 3/11/2010

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Los que pudieron disfrutar de este partido en directo o desde el sofá de casa seguro que entenderán las palabras del capitán. Con la clasificación en la mano, para la plantilla aún queda algo muy importante que hacer. TOTAL IKER Lo más importante pensando en los emparejamientos de octavos. Pero también hubo otro tema que ha dado y dará mucho que hablar en los próximos días. TOTAL RONALDO Quitando eso, el Real Madrid supo tirar de la épica que le caracteriza y llevarse ese punto de San Siro que le coloca en la siguiente fase. TOTALES RONALDO Y PEPE La dinámica es buena para seguir en el camino de la décima. TOTAL RONALDO


rossonero milan says:

PIPPO INZAGHI, ci manchi 

Khal says:

Vaya fuera de juego…

Trues Galore says:

a fucking backpack

Juan José Paredes says:

wtf is ronaldo wearin? is that part of his suit? cause it looks like a kevlar to me lol.

sterjo m says:

@DelingFF well speaking of the present Real is shit compared to Barca made of messi,xavi,iniesta,puyol etc…

Eduardo Montes says:

are you kidding me? you really think milan is more football history than real madrid? 9 Champions leagues.. hala madrid!

Sari says:

Stop the video at 1:37

HAI NV says:

Ronaldo Brazil is No 1

7afiz says:

why do you ppl talk too much about this ?!! two years ago MILAN was stronger and Milan WON .. last year MADRID was stronger SO Madrid WON !!! it's that easy !! let's see what's gonna happen this year ?! and i'm a fan of Milan btw but i'm saying the truth .. I don't care if the referee did not count goals ! what happened just happened let's see now who's gona play better in champions this year !! end of argument

buracodikoel says:

0:33 nuff said =.=

Daniel Rodriguez says:

@621402 – gol (pato) came of a faul to kaka, the referee didnt see it.
– you dont talk about the penale to karim benzema.
then: – agresion of inzaghi to xabi alonso, he wasnt expulsed.
– gol of inzaghi in outside.
the result should be 0-2 again

b11k22 says:

@621402 no, calciopoli was in italy, not spain. if anything you should be regarded as having favour from the refs.

Daniele BlackStone says:

on 1:27 ronaldo realized that his penis is going down hah ^^ xD

Daniele BlackStone says:

wenn mann 7 drückt also erst auf denn screen damit man auch mit leertaste pause machen drücken kann und dann sieben immer hintereinander drückt sagt pepe : no schwul no schwul no schwul : hhaha

JJZ89 says:

Como se saca moscos 0:01 .. Jajajja

lolpauve says:

@Rosatii There was no Champions League in the 50s so…. no?

Nicolai W says:


Rosatii says:

Real Madrid won the CL when the CL was shit……..back in the 50s is the brunt of their silverware…..

was it even a competition then?

GOSS says:

@Lhmaster1 who cares about barça on this video? fuck barça and fuck you bitch

GOSS says:

@dimiruben come on don't cry… every body cheat for you when madrid lose : milan , barca , chelsea, …

Ronaldo69152 says:

real madrit best FOrever….^^

SmotPoker09 says:


Paata Ivanidze says:

Real Madrid Fucked Ac Milan Without Condom!! Fuck You Referee.

Pyro says:

@dimiruben ZITTO RONALDO GAY,Kaka the best 😀

Gruna Stramen says:

Milna=Inzaghi 2- Arbitro =Real Madrid 2

Alan López says:

@FirstPiyadit in this video Spanish… his native language is Portuguese

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