UCL FINAL 2007- 2008 Man United vs Chelsea Penalty 6 5 Highlights

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Ronal Bara says:

Miss United like's this…

Eyit jr says:

Siap yg masih nonton ini di 2018

Ad Max says:

I never thought about it at the time because a few minutes later i was going mental….but how gutted did tyler sound when terry missed, he sounded crestfallen, even in the early premier league years i knew he hated us but andy gray kinda kept him in check, now he acts like a buffon year round….anyway minor complaint beautiful winning that shoot out and the double, we were better than chelsea all year, deserved it.

AR 47 says:

Man UTD ❤️

tamil palagu says:

why Rinaldo miss penalty because he kick with his right leg

Leal says:

Par de equipazos que hermosa fue esa final.

Ricky Wijaya says:

Viva John Terry

Stan Gable says:

John Terry…you beautiful legend of a man…Lol

Adnan Gaming says:


CD DB says:

5 out of the 6 ManUtd scorers in the shootout had just 12 goals put together that season and the other scorer (Tevez) scored 19 but that's still 31 goals between all 6 scorers yet the only player who missed for them scored 42 goals alone that season lol

p 94 says:

good old days ? miss this man utd so much .. hope for good season ?

Esoteric Knowledge says:

POOR COMMENTATORS!!!!! It's all about Clive Tilsdely

Emperor Chinohito says:

God dammit that Terry penalty would have been Drogba. And Drogba would not have missed. It's been 10 years, and I'm still salty.

SafwanNet says:

Terry, just hit the post.
Imagine the luck of cr7. out of 10 penalties, his was the only save,
but all the attestation were deflected from him.

Mista T says:

I remember crying the whole night!

Yusuf Zulfi says:

So many legends in this match

Midhun Chand D says:

https://www.facebook.com/businessinsider/videos/10155858486899071/ the reason Ronaldo missed penalty

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