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Adamo shares his thoughts on the UEFA Europa League Group Stage draw featuring AC Milan, Austria Wien, Rijeka, and AEK Athens.

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Giorgos Vogias says:


Dimitris Xnation says:

καλυτερα να μασας παρα να μιλας…man you can see the future!!!! lol….

TheAlehio says:

100% success your projections. hahhaha redicoulous. Milan hardly ended up first in the group and didn't even manage to win once AEK! Your research is based on nothing. Next time, you have to study more about rosters/team history/ players' abilities. For sure Milan will be kicked out in the next UEFA round. cIAo

George Tarasis says:

Aek will finish 1st betting

Matej Minđek says:

Forza Fiume

TheFrayedEndsOfSanity 01 says:

1. Milan
2. Rijeka( God i hope so)
3. Aek Athens
4. Austria Wie

dolfyn돌핀 says:

Im suprised you had to google aek, 2000-2009 they were a solid european team playing in champions and europa. Even beating ac milan and drawing with real madrid

ftoyras says:


StarAEK says:

Α ρε καημένη Μίλαν….


Not a very good job.AEK Athens has a bigger budget,players with more quality and a bigger european history than rijeka or austria and it was proven today too. Next time do a better job at scouting opponents AEK will finish easily 2nd!

Arisgod27 says:

Well you totally wrong about AEK today they beat Rieka 1-2 in their own stadium and hell the match easily could have ended 1-4. They are going to finish second to Milan.

Chris D says:

It's obvious you did zero real research. AEK have a markedly better team on paper than Austria or Rijeka. Also, they have been in 4 matches against Milan historically, 2 loses, 1 win, and 1 tie. Don't use the word research when all you did is assume a Greek team was inferior.

NikolasHD1 κανονικο καναλι says:

What??4th??Go and watch AEK Athens-Club Brugge 3-0

NikolasHD1 κανονικο καναλι says:

Forza milan I want u to win the Europa league.I support AEK Athens but I think your players are awsome AC Milan can win the competition this year..amazing team..btw AEK Athens is a really good team this year after we beat Club Brugge with 3-0.i also have seen Rijeka playing against Olympiacos..Not something so special..both Rijeka and Austria Wien so I think finally our group will be like this:

1)AC Milan (Of Course)
2)AEK Athens (I think)
3)Rijeka (Better Than Austria Wien)
4)Austria Wien (Maybe)

StarAEK says:

We wait you…

Nick Gian says:

AEK Athens finished 4th in the league but 1st in the play-offs so it is like finishing 2nd in the league.

Crazy MoFo says:

AEK Athens will come second behind AC Milan. Do your research and you will find out why if rieka loses to olympiakos then they lose to us as well

FancyCreeperYT xd says:

im from Rijeka and i realy think we can finish 2nd if we work hard

Themis21 says:

Remember AEK ATHENS- Milan 1-0 (uefa champions league 2006)

Marios Demetriou says:

This guy say bullshits about AEK, he think that know the team but he know nothing
Ι Saw Rijeka with Olympiakos nothing special, AEK is a better team
Austria Wien has past from AEL Limassol with fake penalty, fake red card, and yet AEL Limassol was better with 10 players and had more chances for goals
about Milan, we all know Milan, is favorite not just for the first place in group, but for win the europa league, And we hope this time to respect its history, and do not play games like this with Lille for Champions League 2006 against of AEK
My prediction

Giwrgos tsala says:

εισαι πανασχετος

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