Barcelona 0-1 AC Milan _ Alexandre Pato 24 Seconds _ Champions League [HD].mp4

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Chuky 19 says:

Se te vieron los calzones Valdez grande pato

All Canal says:

Mundial Interclubes 2006 – Pato wins

Luca Caldarelli says:

Incredibile… PATINHO

Adriano Milano says:

Che gollll! Fuoriclasse assoluto!

Kowalski Shuffle says:

velocidad c:

Tony Clifton says:

I can't believe he's 28 years old now.

Venanzio DiBacco says:

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marK says:

i watch this at 0.75 speed, looks normal

MrGoalissimo says:

i remember george weah scored a similar goal against lazio except he wasn't up against against a high line of busqest and macherano but a solid defensive line of nesta and paolo negro, still remarkable moment for pato he could be awful for 99% of the game not contributing at all but still would get the winning goal. It is just a shame that pato had so many injury concerns during his time at milan shame with weah retired so early in his career he was sensational.

franchin yzhabel Fernandez says:

look at that speed daymmmm abidal,pique and alves cant outrun pato

Alvaro Araujo says:

So sad for Pato, he remind me a lot of Ronaldo Nazario for its potential. He could be today the best striker of the world for sure.
The injuries kill him

Sosa G says:

il camp nou muto. torniamo a essere grandi ragazzi.

Fifa PDG says:

now in china, what à waste…

Karol Golański says:

Kto od PLKD?


ktoś tu jest z powodu plkd?

Alexandre Pato says:

Simply the best!!

Brad R. says:

This guy was far better than Neymar. Too bad injuries ruined his career

Madison URGAS says:

Bisquets tem ótimo posicionamento e excelente saída de bola mas ele é mais lento que tartaruga se a defesa estiver mal postada ele não da conta.

{{ARif HəBİb0v}} says:

əla pato əla çox gözəl qol düzdü barselonaya vurmağın pis oldu amma yenə də halal olsun

Idan Brinza says:


Thomaz Nascimento says:

Aq francielly ^^

Fernando Dal Vesco says:

Não joga nada!

Daniel Rajaiah says:

Beast in PES 09

avijit das says:

got great speed……..welcome to cfc

Ed Hidalgo says:

Funny how barca fans buttholes still hurt as of today ????

lokman hakim says:

welcome to chelsea..

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