Barcelona Vs Manchester United 2-0 *HD Highlights* *2009*

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Barcelona Vs Manchester United 2-0


Ousmam Sonko says:

I don’t know why Carrick will blame himself for this goal,look at what Eto did to vidic

ravecrab says:

Terry Venables writing in the Daily Mail the day before this game: "If it does come down to Messi against Ronaldo, well, Messi is one of the best players in the world, but give me Ronaldo. Messi is wonderful on the right but Ronaldo is terrific on the right, the left and through the middle as well. He also scores goals with his head, which Messi couldn’t do even if they put a top hat on him."

Chris Cheung says:

Anyone here cos of the article of Carrick mentioning how he was depressed after giving the ball away for the goal?

DRS says:

This should’ve been an English final, a London vs Manchester final but Chelsea were robbed and as a United fan I genuinely believe we could’ve beaten Chelsea and nearly 10 years later I want to say unlucky Chelsea

Keyatta Davis says:

Best headed goal forever .hail messi??

Vinicius Gameplays 2002 says:

Sdds desse Barcelona

Ronan C says:

Barca made the Mancs cry.Lol.

игровой канал Dexter says:

MESSI KING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ludo Kwang says:

the forgotten hero of this match is Samuel eto'o

Tariq Khan says:

I cant believe Manchester United gave Xavi that much space and time on the second goal

esize says:

With all due respect.. It's not Guardiola, It's not Tito Vilanova (RIP), it's not Roura, it's not Tata Martino, it's not Luis Enrique… it's always Messi's magic and his teammates…

esize says:

Pinche puto GOLAZO de Eto'o…. ja ja… What a fucking goal from Eto'o…

1848 says:

Barcelona had a great team, but did not deserve to be in this final as Chelsea clearly should have beat them in the semi finals if it wasn't for the scandal. Not to mention in 2006 when Barcelona won the tournament against Arsenal, a disallowed winner was scored by Shevchenko to bring Milan to that final against Arsenal, not Barcelona.

Barcelona is a great team, but full of cheats and scandals.

MrMbutube says:

It's funny how every time they chant his name – Messi respond with great goals!!

Raul Andres Garcia says:

Barcelona el mejor club de todos los tiempos

Varney P Lassana says:

Manchester can u please beat barcelona today.

Golden Boy says:

было время

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