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03:01 Brasil vs Costa de Marfil
01:01 Italia vs Nueva Zelanda
ESLOVAQUIA vs Paraguay 0:2
Camerún vs 1:02 Danmark
Ghana vs Australia 01:01
01:00 Japón vs Holanda
Inglaterra vs 0:0 Argelia
Eslovenia vs 02:02 EE.UU.
0:1 Alemania Frente a Serbia
Francia vs Nigeria 0:2
Grecia vs Nigeria 02:01
Argentina vs Corea del Sur 04:01
Sudafrica vs Uruguay 0:3
España vs 0:1 Suiza
Honduras vs Chile 0:1
02:01 Brasil vs Corea del Norte
0:0 Portugal Frente a Costa de Marfil
Nueva Zelanda vs 01:01 ESLOVAQUIA
Italia vs Paraguay 01:01
01:00 Japón vs Camerún
frente a Holanda 02:00 Dinamarca
04:00 Australia vs Alemania
Serbia vs 0:1 Ghana
Argelia vs 0:1 Eslovenia
Inglaterra vs 01:01 EE.UU.
01:00 Argentina vs Nigeria
Corea del Sur vs Grecia 02:00
Uruguay vs 0:0 Francia
África del Sur vs México 01:01
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Mario Arriaga says:

Who cares 'bout the first one, we care 'bout CHICHARITO!!!!! By the way fuck the first ones…

Guillermo Gálvez says:

Mexican proud!!!

High Evolutionary says:

Chicharito had scored goals to the best goalkeepers of the world: hugo lloris (france), petr cech (chelsea), iker casillas (spain/real madrid), pepe reina (liverpool), tim howard (everton), diego alves (valencia), etc. In the next years we'll see the best version of himself.

Bryan Serrano says:

@jamesbuckton123 if only tha was true but im not saying he sucks i am just saying is not the first one

Chris Martinez says:

exactly everyone now wants to be a messi ronaldo type of player, not the killer instict goal scorer, but hey by scoring is how you win the game, and you play to win so i dont see a problem with that. no one wants to be a goal keeper either, but it doesnt mean there not important.

Bryan Dominguez says:

@The8310353 a lot of players don't want to be like chicharito because they feel like they can contribute more to the team than being scorers.

Chris Martinez says:

you can say donovan and dempsey have better ball control and better tactics but as of right now any team would rather have javier hernandez a player who is a scoring threat each time the ball in put in the box, theres alot of players like dempsey and donovan but not like chicharito.

Jorge Juan says:

@jamesbuckton123 jajajaja niceee ! 😀 THUMBS UP FOR HIS COMMENT !

Bryan Dominguez says:

@colmw604 wow i feel bad for you. how about watching donovan and dempsey once in a while instead of your daddy chicharito? you seriously haven't watched them play. typical mexican.

Mark Brown says:

Turn off the effects..


@Crosshandz rooneyis too gd to be left out the picture

16Mstef says:

AWESOME VIDEO i can't get enough of it!! :))

illmind says:

@worldcup10usa LOL yeah ok.

xxsp4zxx says:

well c if donovan is better den him 2morrow

lok0605 says:

@care4women wtf is celection u fukin idiot.if ur going to say it in english its national team pendejo

jose gonzalez says:

hahaha 2:13 the ball hits his face and goes in haha lol but hes a beast soccer player

mshoari says:


Jason says:

@FCBarcelonaFan4Life Great movement and posistioning, pace, good finishing with both his feet and his head and a great work ethic. What more do you want from a person who's simply there to get the goals, which he does. Not every striker has to be world class and able to dribble past 4 players and curl one in from 35 yards, some strikers are just there to get the goals when the ball is played to their feet in the box. Hernandez does that brilliantly.



Marcus PW says:

6m Javier Chicharito Hernandez debut season 20 goals For Man Utd
50m Fernando Torres 1 goal for Chelsea

slifer19964444 says:

Without him we were not standing here… RESPEKT CHICHARITO.

Luis Lara says:

@FCBarcelonaFan4Life he was also the fastest player in the world cup and he doesn´t need anything else because he does play a position that requieres it

Liverpool says:

I have to say javier hernandez is one of the most overated players. i mean besides his positioning and finishing what does he have to offer. if he didnt have good service from players around him he wouldnt score as much. i also think it is ridiculous that pele would compare him to messi, they are nothing alike.

Vandeerkay says:

@Productions714 actually this is an official remix made by: '' The Arcade Southside ''

You can hear it here: youtube (dot) com/watch?v=Qq_yLs9GXAo

Erick Fierro says:

valen pitooooo

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