Manchester United vs Roma 7 1 UCL 2006 2007 Full Highlights English Comment

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Tiger In the Desert says:

Legendary game with legendary commentary. Beautiful combination.

SkyCrew11 says:

who is the commentator?

peace and love says:

Only way I enjoy watching Manchester United these days (highlights from the past).

Exposing Zersetzung Gov. Gang Stalking Worldwide says:

this is anfield now. now. now i'm not saying liverpool will win the league, league is much more competitive these days, just saying they are gunna smash teams in europe

pld says:

When even Evra scores against you you know you have been destroyed. Magical night I will never forget.

Verified Thug says:

This game was so emotional for me. Roma fans abused us the previous match at Roma. Then bringing them home and doing this to them. Wow. Probably the best game for me ever.

Marian Dinca says:

Please, don't delete this video!

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