AC Milan vs KF Shkendija | UEFA Europa League | PREVIEW

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Adamo previews AC Milan vs KF Shkendija in the UEFA Europa League playoff round. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming match in the comment section!

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Alvin Chit says:

Will Gio never make videos anymore?
Don't get me wrong, Adamo is great 🙂

G4 Specials says:

The one dislike is from shkendija

The Wolf says:

Ubi, zakolji, da siptar ne postoji!

Daniel's Opinion says:

Never heard of that opponent

Awadh L Mohammed says:

Aren't they Albanian?

Franco Marsella says:

Anyone see mattia get burned for juve in the final???

Nicolas says:

hope you get more active with the start of the season

Love for Milan says:

Forza Milan !!

Love for Milan says:

This channel needs to grow more ! But this days it become sleepy

Null N says:

This might sound stupid but I really hope Millan just sign one striker, and it looks like Kalinic is close to be done, so that's good, because if another one arrives (Like Aubameyang) Cutrone will loose playing time that could develop him as a Player, he has scored lots of goals in the youth sector and feels the colors since he's a kid. Hopefully Silva and Patrick become world class Strikers.

Liban Yusuf says:

When you're doing the season preview

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