AEK Athens 0-0 AC Milan | UEFA Europa League | REVIEW

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Adamo reviews AEK Athens 0-0 AC Milan in the UEFA Europa League. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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dave nani says:

R.I.P Rossoneri TV

Ghassan Ayyad says:

Please come back Gio

Forza Milan TV says:

Hey everybody, if your looking for a channel that has match reviews and news for Ac Milan I have started a new channel dedicated to all thinks Ac Milan! Come check it out and as always, Forza Milan!

Peter Desario says:

Hey what’s going on with you guys I missed you guys what’s up with Rossoneri I am forced to watch Iftv

AJ Gonzalez says:

Last day of the World Cup and still nothing from Rossoneri TV.
Rest In Peace

zurick27 says:

when are going to get moree videos

John Romano says:

What happened to this channel I loved it ??

Ahmed says:

what happaned to this channel?

Avant Shrestha says:

Rossoneri TV come back!!!

Seif Najjar says:

Fake fan tv

Alpha MA says:

Please upload more Ive been looking for ac milan fan channel for a long time and Ive finally found one

Kein Name says:

R.I.P Rossoneri TV

David Alimi says:

Yo where u at gio?!?! Like seriously bonucci scored at last..

Peter TheGenius says:

Change your name to Plastic Fan TV

neclord 88 says:

Hey guys breaking news montella has been sacked !…just thought l would tell u cos Y'all supposed to a Milan news channel right?!.or maybe u just turned into inter fans now?..

DaJuhn Sutherland says:

montella sacked gattuso appointed

Aniket Dessai says:

And he's gone

Arifur Rahman says:

I don't like your face.

Cranjis McBasketball says:

#MontellaOut #AncelottiIn

der Leader says:

I hope austria wien also plays 0:0 or something against milan they just have to play as good as against rijeka

Sipho Thenjwayo says:

Montella OUT ASAP

Jaez85 says:

Sack Montella ASAP!
This is just ridiculous Ac Milan going from bad to worst I didn’t think it was possible.
Napoli and Roma playing against top opponents Man.. city and Chelsea while playing Who and can’t win but instead gets outplayed by a “weak” team. FML.

dolfyn돌핀 says:

We told you aek will be a problem for you. You predicted us 4th and look, we are thr only team not to lose to you

v Berger says:

I think we need to risk the sacking of Montella, when there is a problem, something needs to be changed. I'd give it to gatusso just because I don't think we can get any worse than we are at the moment. And then at the end of the seaosn, ancelotti, Conte or another manager might be available

Johnlim40 says:

i suggest we give more time to Montella. its not wise to sack him at this time

Gurung Babu says:

It would be a miracle now if Ac Milan qualify for champion league if Montella was out the moment we ask Montella out then there was still some hope but there were mpre Montella supporters back then everyone was give him time,he needs more time and finally he took all our good time and we are in a bad time now

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