CONFIRMED SUMMER TRANSFERS & RUMOURS !! | FT . Neymar, Cristiano ronaldo , Mbappé, Coutinho

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In this video we gonna see the most famous Rumors about 2017 transfers summer , possible surprising deals and official deals for the greatest european teams in this summer
Confirmed Transfers Summer 2017
NEYMAR GO TO PSG? Confirmed Summer Transfers 2017 ft. Neymar, cristiano ronaldo , Mbappé, coutinho
Cristiano ronaldo – AC Milan
neymar – PSG
Aubameyang- ac milan
alexis sanchez – Man City
Mahrez – ac roma
Mbappe – Real Madrid
Neymar to PSG ?
coutinho to Barcelona ?
Mbappe to Real Madrid ?
Cristiano ronaldo to ac milan ?


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Milena Tonnik says:

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Aubamejang go awei

sanaa heydar says:

I can't understand these big foot stars Neymar don't like C R 7 to be a part of P S G , C R 7 don't like Neymar to sign for Real Madrid and so on , why don't they concentrate to deliver the best for their club and not to poke their nose in something unnecessarily

Abu Mahmoodi says:

Ronaldo don't leave ??????

Nash Poliard says:

Milan really

Mala Bytyqi says:

The Real FootBall Is don t esixt The Player Play whit Money…I HATE THIS

love Musik says:

Ronaldo Man u

fadhlullah ismail says:

dybala to barcelona…?

Bren Del says:

HBb bj h hujbuuujuhj bnbb bnbb hatchbnunjnbbn hhh n uunnnn nnnnnnn n nnnn nnnn n nnn n nnnn nnnnn7uuj nunjnn notationnu n jj bnjnj n uu nnn u jjjjnjnjjnjnjujjn uunuuu uujnj uuujunuuu nnnnnunnnnjnnnnunu n uu n jj uzbekistanuu notation /nnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnn nnnnnn/n jnnn j notationunuu j u u juujuju nnnnnn/nnnnnnnjuj uu jjjnnn jjunnjnj uu n jnnjjnn jnnbun unjnn notationunnjn njn nn un nn uun jj jjnunu u uuu huuu uu u uuunuuu uh n uuiuuuuunn jn u uuujn uunnn jnnjjjjjj jjj nnnjnnuj un nnujn indigu

Ooo nuuuujujjjnj nnnnuyu

Darius Oltean says:

wow ac milan is on fire

Jyotsna Umesh says:

As Foot93 which song is this?

Taha Oussaifi says:

song at the begining ?
keep up 😉

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