Dida Last Match with Milan .. Goodbye – 15/5/2010

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Day 38


Johnny K says:

best milan team ever

Erwin Kaka says:

Dida leave 2009 too fast,, milan still need you for winner the champion league

Johnny K says:

far better than julio cesar

Afi Kirkes says:

You're the legend goalkeeper of Milan

Cavid Babayev says:

Dida.Maldini.Nesta.Stam.Thuram.Costacurta.Kaka kaladze.Cafu.Pirlo.Seedorf.Gattuso.Ambrosini.Ricardo Kaka.Inzagi.Andrey Sevchenko. BEST PLEYRS …AC MILAN …

إنه_البنز says:

LEGEND! The only player to have achieved every possible trophy with the club and country

Bread Harrity says:


Ivan Taioli says:

Grazie mille Pantera Rosa

Joshua Johnson says:

Face pose troop flower airplane elegant.

Last King says:

didaa <3

StuLenS says:

Very good memories, especially on world Cup 2006 , the best world Cup i witnessed my entire life.

Best keeper alltime ❤️

AA says:

que pena no brasil nunca teriamos isso! Nóier é monstro mas o Dida também foi!

eggy aditama says:

dida.nesta.seva.kaka.maldini.sedorf the best of ac milan for me

Night Hunter says:


bsklasika says:

at some point he was unbeatable. silent hero.
beautiful by Juventus to kick the ball out to let Milan make a sub.

Giljaca Dejan says:

Nelson dida

Patrik Bezak says:

This is sad. 🙁

Anhar Ajjah says:

dida is my motivation keeper.

andri yulianto says:

dida legends

Luka Ilić says:

Good bye Nelson :,(

xXnovikXx says:

dida najlepszy bramkarz :]

Excelzi0r says:

Why would the manager subbed him out? Anyone pls answer me

MacheteMastaFish says:

Dida, best goal keeper ever!

Android 16 says:

Amazing goalkeeper !

Juan S says:

I remember watching this and hoping Juventus would keep the ball moving forever.

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