Real Madrid vs AC Milan 2-0 (19/10/2010) [HQ]

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Real Madrid vs AC Milan 2-0 [HQ] 19/10/2010 Have fun !
by anascaption


cristante11 says:

ohhh albania, MILan must be very proud to have a great country like albania in their fan base, this is to funny

daniel berney says:

I was there!!!!!!

Neymar JR says:

goallllllllll !!! <3

Haitam el ouarradi says:

@anascaption Fuck :'( :'(

theherowon says:


ZeldaOracleOfAges says:

Forza Milano !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zhao Yun says:

Go Real Madrid!!!!

Jo Sansom says:

@pinguino941 I didn't ask for your opinion, shut your fucking mouth you stupid count

R7AAL86 says:

مقطع جميل
Hala Madrid 

Ahmad says:

@ANGE0L1 ofcourse, its a very important game between two strong teams =P

Tiwi573 says:

mano que bagui mto loko

xToOxRaWxIsTheTruth says:

wow lame fans reaction

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