Arsenal v AC Milan Preview | We Must Not Do A Spurs or Man United!

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Arsenal v AC Milan Preview | We Must Not Do A Spurs or Man United!

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Nuclearsenal says:

Robbie has moobs

Mal says:

'We must not do a Spurs' we were playing Juventus, dominated both games, goals were scored by Higuain and Dybala.

You were playing AC Milan, do they even have goal scorers? Let alone world class, world cup winning players.

Bruno Serra says:

I hope Wellbeck dies on the pitch from a heartattack

Evan HALLE says:


Anthony Devono says:

2-1 to Arsenal but Wenger got to go end of season

James Edwards says:

1:23 my man breezed up them stairs haha


Robbie Concentrate on yourselves and stop reaching out to spurs/Man Utd this is Europa not the CL! further more that’s all you guys ever do ? small mentality club! hope you get spanked fam!!! get me blood! Two two goals = 4 … you are out of there fam!!! no games, out out!!!

Adam Dewick says:

Confirmed hes a druggie what the hell is he on about ac milan are 7th in there league no way nr the team of years ago.

Scary Terry bitch says:

Be Arsenal all over to lose tonight but still go trough

Tom Crookes says:

What does not doing a spurs or a Man U mean? Not get into the champions league?

BIYI GU says:

As a neutral fan, I hope the game is not smooth, expecting a bit drama. After all, Arsenal will probably go through, but don't get hopes high as Simone's team is on fire since 2018. Slim chance for Arsenal fan to win this championship

Niqqa The king says:

Arsenal will lose

Aniket Chahande says:

We must not do a spurs or man united? Getting out of round of 16 is more of arsenal things so it should be " we must not do an arsenal"

Retro City 1969-2018 says:

For you Robbie and for you only cmon Arsenal…

Christian Torres says:

I like how all these Manchester United fans are talking so much shit about Arsenal being in the Europa League and not the UCL. I guess they must have forgotten that they were in the Europa League last season and finished 6th in the premier league. Stop talking shit like you guys are going to win the league and the UCL. You were just knocked out by Sevilla, and not going to win the league. These Manchester United fans are honestly pathetic.

bill werbiernerk says:

We must not do a man u or a spurs???? what's the other option do do an arsenal? Let's face it the minute arsenal draw athletico madrid they are out..get used to Thursday night football robbie because u are miles behind the other 5 in the premiership..

Sargent Nortorious says:

The thing is Wenger is the best manager in the world so he will have a trick up his sleeve to get us thru and even win the whole ting

Zefn says:

it's over.. not even comparable with man united & spurs, yea spurs got 2 away goals but they also conceded 2. arsenal would have to collapse twice as hard as spurs did to lose this, not to mention milan is so much weaker than juve.

Lee Phelan says:

Do a Spurs or United – you are 2 away goals up?

ardhenn slemmer says:

Can't do a spurs or a man united. Cause you are not in the champions league oooooohhhh

janakiram suswaram says:

It is important to get that first goal! It is probably good that they were beaten by Ostersunds earlier to drive the point that no team can be taken lightly. You play to your strengths and jump on them right ahead. No sitting back and absorbing the pressure..we are not Barca! On a lighter side Robbie's chopper making the circles while he is interviewing in front of his ground 🙂

Graham Barker says:

heh heh….

Dave Renegade says:

It would be just like Arsenal to screw this up. Wenger is in REAL trouble. Lose and they are out of the competition and that's it (the season). Win and he will have to face Troopz and DT. Tough times at the Emirates…. Ty is a closet Mexican. The sun ALWAYS shines, and the Tequila ALWAYS flows.

Tiger93 says:

1:20 ninja alert ?

Adam Jessop says:

“We’re gonna do this”?

cheetah8667 says:

These comments about Robbie making money now is kinda getting childish ,the man had a idea and went with it and has become successful,let us applaud the working class that make it big and help and encourage others to do so also,or are we meant to always struggle and let the snobs have all the wealth??

GB Fishing says:

Go out there forget about the San Siro, this is a new game, its important we focus on getting the first goal! then build from there!

ronaldo fenomeno says:


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