Lionel Messi vs AC Milan (UCL) (Home) 2012-13 English Commentary HD 720p

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Lionel Messi vs AC Milan (UCL) (Home) 2012-13 English Commentary HD 720p

ITV English Commentary

Download Link:!egJUjYTY!BTKdDX9XThhL5ud4-1lIy9N-zOkskjzPC142rWQxB_0


Match: Barcelona 4-0 (UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg 2012-2013 Season) 12/03/2013

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Keshav Ummat says:

I just wanna say thank you for this Raheem , all the happiness

IQ MIK says:

What a match.. and commentator ?

Cesar Koblenz says:

enano cagado

Budi boedjana says:

1love messi.

Ana Garcia says:

Messi es la evolución de un juegador completo de fútbol, jugador de equipo con abilidades superiores al resto, sus acciones son cada vez más inteligentes utilizando la energía necesaria.

Bibek Padhan says:

Is he Human ??

Peter Xue says:

As Milan fan watched this live. Was disppointed but I appreciate the greatness I saw

Krishna Nayak says:

Simply best in the world god goat

Gokhan Demir says:

It is a great joy to watch Messi.

Ibrahim Zulfiquar says:

Wonderful video
Messi the best???

Sebastian says:

This motherfucking english Fifa fuck is talking about Messi scoring 3 times in the last 5 games.
He should suck Ray Hudson's Dick.

hoang nguyen huy hoang says:

Messi number one

Maurizio Dellepiane says:

Fat Messi still the best ever!

Thomas Shelby says:

mEsSi cAn'T sCoRe iN uCl kNoCkOuT

Alvira Rahman says:

Thanks for uploading this❤️
U r the best Raheem

Taslim Halim says:

goal 1:00 , 7:10 , 10:44 , 16:17

Abdullah Asif says:

They playing FUTSOL literally.

mel says:

Il y a que arriigo sachi qui pouvait arrêter Messi

Allen Gigika says:


ghita alin stefan says:

Barcelona 2-0 ac milan equipo grande????⚽⚽⚽?????????????

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