Pato Goal vs Barcelona HD 2012

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Pablo Alborano says:

Amazing goal

Ricardo Guimarães says:

E ainda dizem que o cara é "fruto da mídia e superestimado"…

Sergio Camarena says:

7-1 its not Alemania buy The world cup

shylax says:

Looks like playing FIFA on easy.

turkinamerc 89 says:

please come to tottenham!!!!

Oli Haque says:

This was when pato was good. Check most recent games he misses oppurtunities alot.

ICantSplel says:

I came here after watching poor ol' Fred once again in the 7-1, how can Brazil have no better striker than that lad.

Kung Lao says:

CB bites on the ball. fails and the only one close enough that is left to sweep is busquets and he is never gonna catch Pato in a race. 


Grande , grande PATOOOO !!!

Daniel Silva says:

. i love pato… one of the bests

HliasDoxaDramas4 says:

calm down he is 24 years old

Ryan012 says:

I agree with you, but off the ball. When he run with the ball, he's much more slower, he's not good dribler too… If he had better technique, he would be one of the best player in the world, in this case he's only average player with great speed :/


u was !! lol "were"

Marcelo Mora says:

So fast he's blurry when you pause the video.

Narcissistic Narcissism says:

He is so explosive

Shekieroso says:


TheRollsReus says:

Like if you are watching this after Troll Football posted a pic about this.

Rafael Morais de Paula says:

quem ta vendo este vídeo depois dele ser jogador do Corinthians
curte aew … !

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