Andreas Pereira vs AC Milan (Pre-Season) 25/07/2018 HD1080p

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Andreas Pereira vs AC Milan
Manchester United 1-1 AC Milan (PK 9-8)


Leela Anderson says:

Y y y jose he need to play all d time lingard lol

kingxz brezy says:

This guy will make a great duo with pogba….when you come to think of it they are alike….in a way..they both have swag in their game and their hair and playing style

Chuck Lai says:

US Football commentary stinks

aniruddha s girimaji says:

Do you think pereira might force Jose to play 4-4-2 with lukaku and Sanchez up front

AbeebGaming says:

We need players like him that play the ball forward ??

DAZZA says:

Is one of those commentators a woman or a guy with a real high pitched voice?

S. O says:

He was this good last year during pre-season so this isn’t New. He’s got great awareness and ability, just need to see him attack more but he’s basically a superstar. Kinda like Pirlo with more dribbling ability and a lot faster

MAV RICK says:

3:55 vere level?

jason mccarthy says:

Serious player

Thi B says:

I think he’s ready to be in squad. The experience and from the way he talks sounds like he knows what he is doing and has a high expectation of himself.

Brian Moran says:

Ffs them yanks just don't know football

David Thomas says:

Looking at pereria and the addition of Fred…. pogba gotta perform !!

Daniel Mukandi says:

he his under the tutelage of carrick himself so very soon you will see a very different pereira

Simba Choga says:

he is so positive, every pass goes forward from him, and he is calm and intelligent, does simple things well. He deserves a chance to start.

Mazzina's says:

His not even a DM, tries his best in that position with the ability to pass forward inbetween lines, putting actual dm's to shame, very talented pereira shame he ain't mourinho's cup of tea….

Lucky starr says:

He improved greatly during his loan spell for sure

Avinash Pradhan says:

Dis guy is an excellent footballer….he should b ahead of herrera fellaini

Tawanda Mhora says:

He is playing too deep but he is even that good enough,great player on the ball,excellent ball player

ngadiman DUDULZ says:

Like andreas

S C says:

Don't give up your day job

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