UEFA Team Of The Year 2001 – 2017 ⚽ Footchampion

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UEFA Fans Team Of The Year (TOTY) ⚽ 2001 – 2017 ⚽ Footchampion


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DuduCwk says:

0:39 Beckham*

-Fran- 307 says:

My best team 2018
Marcelo, Ramos, Bonucci, Carvajal



jak będzie 5000 subów to startuje z vlogami says:

1:28 vaxi?

The Gacha Dude says:

After this I can say just one thing.

Arsenal is the best PL team to consider first for your team.

Madhav Ganesan says:

Its Xavi not vaxi

User 42069 says:

What a legend

User 42069 says:

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that casillas is in almost everyone of them

Arshad kp says:

Torres is to time in list

Najrana Patel says:

2:23…. 2 Sergio ramos

capshups lel says:

Hyypia is best Suomi perkele I from Finland Oon suomest

Sameer Sameer Khan says:

Where's lampard

Hasan Nasr says:

Where are oliver kahn GK????

Mario KH says:

2010 C.Ronaldo play for Man UTD ?

milan ilievski says:

2017 hazard and de bryne no

milan ilievski says:

2015 kross no james

Justin Ing says:

2:24 u called lahm:Ramos

Justin Ing says:

1:50 its xavi not vaxi and its not sneijer its sneijder

Mehmetefe300 Kaya says:

2:22 ramos lahm

Карим Сайфутдинов says:

1:23 2007 Zlatan in Milan?Zlatan was play in Inter Milan!!!!

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