90 Seconds with Filippo Inzaghi

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It was a real treat to have World Soccer legends from AC Milan training on the field at RFK Stadium. Usually we love seeing those great players on the field for 90 minutes, but today, with time constraints, we could only play with them for 90 seconds. Enjoy our quick fire interviews with Ronaldinho, Clarence Seedorf, and World Cup Champion Filippo Inzaghi.


Stylianos L says:

Materazzi for sure was the most difficult defender

Fratele Chiriță says:

Super pippo

dendi supriyadi says:

he looks so serious

Sherly Susanti Rahayaan says:

I love you so much Pippo

frederik Gries says:

Il mio attaccante preferito della storia del Milan Grazie Filippo di averci dato Grandi emozioni.

Divine Cause says:

Song name?!!??

Baqsam says:

(1) Däs Serious Face
(2) Däs Brazil Answer

Outlaw Forever says:


TheGoodRef says:


miguel angel prieto bello says:

great player

Luka Radulovic says:

Filippo Inzaghi čovek ofsajda

Jayden Robertson says:

Aid jazz dream back vs element testify aggressive.

GeorgeUK84 says:

1. Inzaghi is a fucking badass.
2. Italian is a beautiful language.

jo ra says:

inzaghi: What do you think about your offsides?

Aduckapadaisy says:

Lol Steve Nash? Weird choice

Gary Clifford says:

1:41 Not Maldini?

Федор Мишин says:


Mineral808080 says:

il migliore!

Elmario021 says:

Its a typing mistake..get a life hater

MrDardev says:

Steve nash best basketball player just because hes white -.- racist

PlexyPanda says:

0:41 R.I.P. English

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