Robinho – Welcome to AC Milan 2010 NEW !!!

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Robinho Benvenuto al Milan
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irecatori says:

Very nice video, truly very nice! Hope to see more beatiful videos like this. Best video ever made for Robinho that i have seen!

Karthik Milan says:

forza milan …

Deives Allan says:

Vai Robinho… Mostra pra eles.

CourtyBoi says:

i really dont care, its an awesome vid, i wish i could steal it also

ViZZLE013 says:

@Calleeep damn well fuckin madrid beat milan just yesterday in champeons:/ the way everything is going milan should hire me as coach! ill run with four attackers unlike stupid allegri

Richard Hendharto says:

So much good players in Milan now.

Ian Ferreira says:

é Brasileiro '-'

1forza1milan1 says:

@gheorghemihai24 haha you have any answer now TurkishMessi94??? Idiot!

syn0723 says:

awesome video man! cant wait for him to get into form at milan! check out my ibrahimovic season promo?

Leo Schwarz says:

you stoled this video from me bitch !!!!!!

LucasLawall says:

@lucaslawall haha joga 10

Leo Schwarz says:


YouZDead says:

I think the track is by Ludovico Einaudi. I just don't know what the name is.

Gustavo Saraiva says:

Robinho did the right choice

ForzaAquila says:

what's the second song called?

giovanny lopez says:

@Nicu34U love the way u think!!!!!!!

diovik says:

signori il sottoscritto oggi è stato a milanello….questo l'ho visto dal vivo…ha gli stessi numeri di ronie,ma corre il triplo!!!!!!!! e considerando che è fermo da un po,azzardo la mia ipotesi,da supertifosorossonero1000%, di culi,questo,quest'anno ne lacera tanti!!!!! signori avversari,vasellina alla mano!!!!!

Noid says:

È un magnifico video. Hai del bel qualiés cinematografico.


Darren Sibolibane says:

amazing video, robinho is exactly like pele

tomsega says:

AC Milan are looking good this year but I wouldn't expect too much. Robinho is a stylish technical player but not a real driving force to consistent victories. Ibrahimovic is coming down the hill. I expect Pato to be a real threat if he continues to improve.

mikeaprice09 says:

@Venusaur1996 yea! Its crazy why it is all happening on the same season lol, astonvilla sold milner! There have been some great transfers tho tbf like van der vaart to tottenham, hleb to birmingham, gudjohnson to stoke and also pennant to stoke.. JONES to stoke lol !! But alot of players seem to be selling some of their best players :S and why ever did genoa buy kevin prince then loan him straight out to ac milan :S its not as if they don't need him, they need all the players they can get haha

philnym31 says:

What is the name of the song in the beginning?

Venusaur1996 says:

@mikeaprice09 You are absolutely right. Valencia has also sold Villa :S

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