Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich 2-0 – UCL Final 2010

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Doniman daeli says:

Inter milano in my heart..

Dhanang Wibowo says:

The moment when you realize Balotelli had won UCL but Buffon hadn't. ?

Darus Saputra says:

moe is the best ?

Han Chan says:

Лучшие Интер с вами с детства!!!

Hendrikus Ah-Sheng says:

I love Bayern Munchen

Cabdul Macaani says:

Hhhhhhh intar milan


Maradona is trash coach
he not called Milito in WC 2010 ???

AShahKhan says:

Two hand balls against bayern but as always they can never win at the bernabeu

Diego Diego says:


ARIEF R says:

What a memorable night, great ending for a stunning inter's treble winner performance, proud as interesting

Andrew Gunady says:

Back when Mourinho wasn't cocky

Byzantine 1381 says:

Milito was on fire !!!

Артем савельев says:

Милито был идеал ЦЕНТР ФОРВАРДА!!! Жаль поздно раскрылся

Marco Bazzo says:

Militoooooooooooooooooooooo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii che gioia immensa Forza Inter sempre ?⚫???⚽️

Marco Bazzo says:

Quante emozioniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mammamia che INTER STELLARE ?⚫???⚽️ A RIAVERLA UNA SQUADRA COSI VINCIENTE MA SIAMO SULLA BUONA STRADA INIZIALE ?⚫??

Erwin Kaka says:

Treble history

Erwin Kaka says:

Beautiful memories,, legends

Carmelo Patanè says:

Merda inter

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