Fernando Torres Reaction at Man Utd Goal ||HD||

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Noah B says:

Lol but torres likes it herer at chelsea where he win trophies and finish in the top ten of the table. LOL.

Ash Clayton says:

@TheBlackRappa shame it happened Saturday.. SUCK IT UP SCUM

irfaanfr4 says:

@shaunak10lfc gotta agree with you here…

Haffi Mazhar says:

@apebyen shame it doesnt happen very often

Grime Daily says:

@FTorresDdrogba why the fuck you crying for bitch? torres won't even shed a tear when your mother dies..
you acting like his your god?

Ismail Ibraimi says:

@GrimeDaiIy funny how NONE has ever heared of you until that stupid comment!

busteddon says:

@Nestocafe You and your family are, kid.

HittokiriBatosai says:

@Kop360 Hm, ya got me. Nice point, haha! And since posting that comment, my opinion of Torres has changed ever so slightly.

Kop360 says:

yeh but benitez never showed any expression and he won us the cl in his 1st season

O Fenemeno says:

@Sackboy612 Neither Liverfool or Man Ure will win this season.. it's all about Citeh!

kady7869 says:

Last time he was this giddy he was dressed in a frock. loving the cock

MrBurdekin says:

what a stupid vid.

PeS says:

@Sackboy612 Haha, I think Liverpool is the most successful club in English football. I dont think they win the title this year, but I know they have a small chance. If ManU will win the title, they have to win many games, because they are gonna get HUMILIATED at Anfield!!

SBM says:

@apebyen so you just admitted Liverpool are shit and cant win the title. Well done. Ps United will win the title this year

PeS says:

@Sackboy612 I hope Man City win this year! I am looking forward to the big match next week. ManU are gonna get humiliated by Liverpool! 😀

SBM says:

@apebyen but guess what we still win the league!

Grime Daily says:

funny how I never heard of Torres until the World Cup..

Draylik says:

obrażasz torresa

Xxiicurtis says:

@Connerjames18 how many times have you beat us in the last to years ……… 3-1 4-1 2-0 hmm I could go for longer man u shit man u shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASG 3 says:

i dont like man u i like when any team wins man u such as liverpool or chelsea…

dan guy says:

I would rather walk alone!

PersianWolverine says:

torres? .. who?

PeS says:

@kaiserruben ?

Ruben Weber says:

@apebyen to bad it dosent happend mutch

Josh Rennox says:

berbatov owned liverpool again hattrick

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