Gattuso’s Plan – AC Milan (Official Lyric Video) IFTV x Rossi

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We’ve been planning our jump into music for a while…let us know if you like these…

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Nicholas Mangion says:

Still vibing to it till today
Forza Milan ♥️?

Love for Milan says:

Who is listening this 2018 ?

Gabriel Baricelli says:

when the video

Shervin T says:

Gattusos plan: start kalinic and bonaventura

Shibaprasad Bhattacharya says:

This is gold. ??

Mohamad Ali87 says:


Maner Uníted says:

Its actually good ? ?

Matteo Berti says:

hahahhaa, awesome!
Forza Milan!

The Ambishs Ambsh says:

I love this song!! It's so great!!!! But the clean sheets are a bit more and Silva did score soooo ?

HeinrichG Music says:

silva has scored after 9weeks

Ilaria Stevanello says:

uno spettacolo

Shibaprasad Bhattacharya says:

This is hilariously awesome ?

mcornox 90 says:

gattuso is a brilliant coach

dikandik says:

Cant get enough of this

Tapiwa Muza says:

lmao…this video finished me….great stuff #ForzaMilan

AVANZATO Andrew says:

He is a great coach

Calvin Howard says:

She said do you love me i said only partly i only love milan and my squadra im sorry♥️♥️xx

AB 24 says:

Nice song. Forza milan from indonesia

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