Milan 3-0 Liverpool. Crespo scored second goal.avi

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Armageddon 666 says:

The best pass Ever

Wild9066 says:

Beautiful Goal!


Milan is the best team in the world

Callum Pickering says:


Kaysar Raven says:

The build up, the pass and the finish were just extra ordinary. Absolutely amazing.

Ralph Jorgensson says:

world class pass complemented by a best finishing

John Davies says:

italian defence wold have stoped it go roma!!

CrisTian says:

Crespo hizo lo que merecia ese pase.

Michele Dell'Aira says:

Assist of the century, no question about that.

shirvs says:

Liverpool didn't deserve to win this because of this goal alone

Nathaniel Kahn says:

i could watch this goal over and over, this is why we call it the beautiful game

joeolcay says:

what a goal…what a match…legendary final

Vasilis Neoxorlis says:

..what a pass…!..

_umparkenimkopf10 says:

Liverpool could have easily defended Kaka's pass with an offside trap, but they moved backwards instead of letting Crespo run into offside

Amer Hodzic says:

This is the single best assist I've ever seen

Aymen Alneami says:

Cafu to Pirlo, Pirlo to Kaka, Kaka to Crespo – various legends of the game involved in one beautiful goal.

Ross Henderson says:

One of the best finishes out there

John Kimmel says:

I cried for two reasons when that goal was scored:One, it was a classy goal. Two, I assumed he had killed my teams chances of winning the trophy.

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