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Heated confrontation following last night’s loss to Atalanta, and more in our latest AC Milan news report.

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oliver munkesø says:

Gio is there any chance well get Elsha and suso back for next season? Personlly i cant see why elsha should want to go back with the current squad roma have… 🙁

Mike Davenport says:

How can we expect to win against lesser teams when we play letting them have the possession and just trying to hit on the counter? That works with better teams and frustrates them, however, a smaller team will gain confidence by having the control in the game! I have agreed with you all along that we shouldn't sack the coach but starting line ups are baffling and the way the team play is so shocking. Something needs to change!

beatsnextdoor says:

berlusconi wanting to change coaches again proves he has gone mental.3 coaches replaced and we still suck.the definition of insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over and exepect things to change.this crazy 79 year old guy should sell the club if he wants to save it.

Dwayne k27ism says:

Enough with the stupid rumours of Miha leaving, Berlusconi is just losing his head! why sack a coach who accepted to coach your team when noone else gave a shit about your team? And now when he isn't doing well, you try to get rid of him? This is stupid! just let Miha stay! it's certain players that need to go!

Hassan Albeloushi says:

RIP Cesare ?

Kevin Ramaj says:

I've been a Milan fan all my life and I stay a Milan fan all my life, but this is just unbelievable from wining champions league title to not even betting Atalanta. It blows my mind we need to improve our team as quick as possible

?Forza Milan⚫️

Anderson gunner55 says:

team need to fight with mental strength

ermal mera says:

Pellegrini is a good shout, I`d rather have him then Mihajlović.

Th3SP1C says:

Gailliani has no one to blame but himself he built this team and miha has done a good job considering this is his first season in charge. 10th to 3rd was unrealistic to begin with. There's nothing wrong with aiming high but the squad isn't built to compete in or qualify for the champions league look how much we're struggling with depth MDS at right mid says it all. Hopefully this means Gailliani is under pressure because even though he hasn't had money to spend up until this season since 2012 thats no excuse for having a team with zero identity, ryhme or reason in 4 years. If you can't build a decent team in 4 years with youth players and little money then you've admitted there was never a plan to build one in the beginning. We've seen youth players like saponara, el shaarwary, cristante, and mastour shipped out elsewhere or flat out sold but, you claim to have been putting an emphasis on youth. Sassulo's coach was dead on this club is in chaos Galliaini is a big reason why, not the revolving door of coaches. Milan looks like Frankenstein's monster with the group of players this man has assembled.

BUSH says:

Mid table team also means we are a sacking team now… our future are sackings… smh

Fatso says:

the qstn is… will this retreat help & wht the root cause of this problem?

i strongly feel #Miha aint gvn his best at all ever since those rumours abt Eusebio taking over

Daniel's Opinion says:

maybe Manuel pellegrini (man city) can takeover AC milan.

Emilio Zg says:

Gio wath do you think about conte signing for Chealsea did you ever think that ve had a chance to get him since we where rumored to want him or do you think it was just a case of hes italian milan is italian he wil go there ??

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