Man Utd vs Inter Milan 1998

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Man utd winning 2 – 0 against Inter Milan in 1998 Champions League Quarter Final.


Fungky Musthofa says:

Its a Son's of steven spellberg…this videos like flinstone era…
My eye ball must be out if i watch this vid…damn…

Zorg2006 says:

I miss the ZX Spectrum

rona marasona says:


LipeNistelrooy123 says:

Amazing quality, never seen before!!

a bc says:

que asco de video!!!!!!!!!

k10 Pubg says:

ronaldo no play game??

3o0d30od says:

4:00 Best Part!!!!!!!!

Scarface92511 says:

worst video on youtube

Helmi Wibowo says:

Mozaic view.. thats awesom

danegel says:

Did Rod Hull record this?

RedDwarf12100 says:

woah, that's trippy

Ironplastik says:

video in 3D full HD 1845686969 x 18283747448 pixel

bkingg1 says:

this was recorded by a casio calculator

Charlie Clemence says:

what in the name of fuck?

Sakuragi Slam says:

fuck video!!!

3o0d30od says:

18 people got blind and pressed the like button

Porchetta90 says:

wow k bene k si vede real HD

Harvy355 says:

great stuff

fabrykiro says:

quality 5* but there is a mistake it was the 1999

Adam Hop says:

Lukkadat Kwalityyyyy!!!

Corey Anderson says:

nice quality 5*

great staff bro

Ed Dai says:

what sport is this meant to be?

HikinenRunkku says:

I love this 🙂

Gavin Mulligan says:

dis is just shit!

Gavin Mulligan says:

dis is just shit!

Gavin Mulligan says:

dis is just shit!

Robert Broadie says:

yeah, it doesn't play. Please fix or delete.

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