Alexis Sanchez’s Slick Performance! Manchester United 1-1 AC Milan (9-8) pens

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Live Review of Manchester United 1-1 AC Milan in the International Champions Cup (of the World!!!) our third preseason tour game in the US 2018! United win on penalties. COMMENT TO HAVE YOUR SAY ON OUR PRESEASON SO FAR!

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general Anal says:


Lilltroll says:

Wow…. 1-1….

Sweater Wearing Squirrel says:

MOTM for me was Andreas Pereira. Have to say it though, Darmian was super bright.

Sweater Wearing Squirrel says:

I’m going to the United v Liverpool game on Saturday. I hope to see a good showing. We need to start off strong this season.

concho keegan says:

shaw playing these few games he has been complete shit

Matt Moore says:

Think we'll play pereira-fred-matic on the opening day so that's quite promising

Alex Church says:

Stop calling him Sanchez he’s supposed to be called alexis

TONY V says:

I prefer pereira higher up the pitch, he can play lw or as a cm or a cam.

Incognito says:

My god, first they forgot how to play football, then they forgot how to entertain. With all the respect, how the fuck should I care about a shootout for a preseason tour after a shit game….?

SG13 says:

We need to sign a new CB.

20 TIMES says:

No excuses for Sanchez this season.He has to deliver this season and i reckon he will.

Subhan Qureshi says:

it would be sad if andreas pereira would be sent on loan again.

KingCantona14 says:

Andreas needs playing time. I don't see why we need Fellaini. McTominay can do a similar job due to his height plus he's much better on the ball and more disciplined

abdoulaye ba says:

Mourinho should try the 3-4-1-2
De Gea

E. Bailly V.Lindelöf Mike Smalling

Timbo Fred Matic Shaw


Lukaku. Sanchez

MrNP6 says:

Smalling is shitt

Stuart English says:

I hope we stick with 3-5-2…

Rocco Mafia says:

Just hope people can acc back Sanchez now I feel like too many United fans turned on him too quickly when he was at a brand new club and learning the team as he played. Frankly it’s embarrassing as he still had great performances against city and Tottenham. But hopefully those people can see what he can do for our club and back him

Rocco Mafia says:

Yes pererria can do an excellent ball over the top as we saw to Sanchez in the second half. But what makes him so good is those forward passes to the feet of one of our attacking players as opposed to just sideways

Suarez says:

dont care fella achieved nothing in his career

King Tomo720 says:

The sadness when u stay up till like 3:45 and fall asleep just before the game Fff argggh

DerpyWeavilePlays says:

Actually stayed up for the first half and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though the defense was shaky, at least it was a defense we haven't seen before. Even Darmian was alright

Christian Ivanov says:

Andreas Pereira and Sanchez .. WOW

Adil Lambat says:

Darmian captain?

Sean Fitzgerald says:

I won't lie. We're probably going to lose to Liverpool. Let's shrug them off they want a reaction out of us don't give it to them

Mohamed Hassan says:

Try pereira and chong at rw

Ty-Tim says:

Pereira dominated the entire game. Our squad should look like this next season;
Timothy Bailly Lindelof Shaw
Pereira Matic
Fred Pogba
Lukaku Sanchez

thepaperkings says:

“Maataa”?? “Maataa”??? ? sounding like a cockney their Adam!!

Yashar Shokuhi says:

Preira should be in the starting line up. the more I see of him the more I like him. He can cover every position in the midfield. What a player we have in him. Now wondering what if he stayed at ManU last year???

Aryan Malik says:

Who else wants Darmian to be dropped so Fosu mensah can play Rb

Mad Lad says:

Thought the play looked positive, they played with intensity and got forward and got forward quick

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