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The Eurofan, Tom Deacon, heads to the San Siro for the Champions League clash between AC Milan & Barcelona. Subscribe to Copa90:

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Giovanni Aj says:


MUFCJack says:

Iner melan fan

alessandro lunedei says:

"Of course it's Alessandro, the best Italian name"

Vittorio Sapienza says:

Do one with in turin with Juve

DA_Epic_Chip says:

I miss this guy

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 fan page says:

They should do this again like if you agree

Alejandro Martinelli says:


Laurence Churcher says:

The bull is th simble of turin so pratically going around hes genitals means that brings luck to u but bot to the turin guys like juve and torino

Palm Trees and Rum says:

There's more Juventus fans in Milan then both local clubs.

blomgren182 says:

A bit sad that we were not able to compete with barca after 2012 and give them a fight for the money.

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