Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PES 2014) – AC Milan and Inter Milan starting 11 player faces

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AC Milan and Inter Milan starting 11 player faces from PES 2014.


Patricia Almdeida says:

o pes 2014 tá mais real mais as faces dos jogadores não tá nada vê

Adam Mickies says:

Wtf happen?like a sh@#@#:#;

Dortmund 89 says:

ajajjajaja qe porqueriaaaaaaaaaa

Miguel Hernandez says:

PES 14 go home, you're drunk.

Alessio Guacci says:

What a shit

Hussein Mohamed says:


goztepe99 says:

This is the shithall pes 2014 is awfull

Bruno Meza Vega says:

Mexes ? -.-

Mood Dean says:

they really did a bad job with the faces usally they are great but this looks bad i mean look at muntari and ballotelli guarin and so on fuuuuck why is it always like this they can fix on thing but then they forget the other

David Valbuena says:


Balthazar_ID says:

They all looked like Japanese

shioharu21 says:

This is a nightmare.
KONAMI did lowest work.

vesciuz93 says:

Milito is the best ahahahaahahahaha

vesciuz93 says:


kai yin tsang says:

……so bad!!

Damian SS says:

pc..ps3 o xbox?

Francesco Oliviero says:

Per stessa ammissione di Konami..per concentrarsi sul FOX ENGINE non hanno curato l'aspetto della maggioranza delle facce cm nei precedenti capitoli..cosi come nemmeno è presente la pioggia!!!!! …i volti ufficiali sn appena 200 sparsi ma a breve arriva un Dlc che porterà il totale a 1.000. E stando ad alcuni importanti modder di Pes hanno stravolto il sistema di integro delle facce da internet o dai pes precedenti quindi dobbiamo confidare nel prossimo Dlc, comprendente anche rose aggiornate

serbian sparta says:

Pes 14 is great game,but faces of players are terrible!

sanjeeva basak says:

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