[TTB] PES 2013 Man Utd Vs Man City – Playthrough Commentary, Superstar Difficulty

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Bendadwarf britton says:

Mufc is the best

Bendadwarf britton says:

Good game but wat about fergie time

SimplySijj says:


Mir Adnan says:

Liberpool v Manchester united plzzzz B-)

Kakak Cang says:

hadeh gw ngga bisa maen di notebook =))

ThankYouEdge1992 says:

No RVP and Berbatov is still there? Konami is shit.

samuelmiah2004 says:

Man utd vs arsenal

Muhd Hakimi says:

very high end-graphic card u got there buddy and u know what?i like your commentary man,u should do more video like this next time…keep it up 😀 ow btw…what gpuspec u got?o_0

Paul Tasses says:

madrid vs barca

kunalraj talampally says:

man utd vs R.C.D mallorca

vladisimo93 says:

@flegis123 indeed

Nurhani Aqielah says:

my pes 2013 have van persie in man united….

abdoulaye thiaw laye says:

c'est du demo pes2013 cé du vrai football ça

Nesim Durmus says:

they have turk telekom arena in pes13?

SPRNT Fuze says:

how do you get the teams real names and kits?

Carlos Lagunes. says:

mmmmmmmmm suck it i stand with FIFA:D

Gearoid Kearney says:

i love your commentary ! 😀

Bryan Chan says:

can give me the link of tis patch??

TeoRuki says:

RIGHT! i forgot lol

Franky says:

It says so on your channel.

TeoRuki says:

how do you know

dusan97x says:

how now man city is man city not man blue..????

Franky says:

You're from Croatia.

TeoRuki says:

i'm a man united fan aswell

flegis123 says:

PES not slow… pes is like real soccer in real gaming…
FIFA is fast??? hahaha because of cartoon games….

mubashir siddiqui says:

u are the worst commentater

EL_RegioNL1 says:

pes can look robotic at times though and if they were to have full licensing it would by far be the better choice

Jason Chong says:

Is maicon in mancity?

dirkbogarde44 says:

No way, you aren't looking close enough. The positioning of Fifa defenders proves this.

EL_RegioNL1 says:

fifa because when the players run on pes the running like resets like they lag when they run so yea fifa

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