FC barcelona Vs AC milan 2-2 13/9/2011

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forza Milán

Fatma Villa says:

@kepsornumeruuan 🙂 Villa and Barca forever 🙂

Fatma Villa says:

@rs6ar Barca Barca

Arlind Dervish says:

milan milan

Atmar Amiri says:

Only carlos puyol disliked this video bcz of that corner kick lOL …

Racki says:

@buffalogilles Do you actually understand football? That wasn't a dive at all, dumbass.

Joelito Salazar says:

AC Milan Lo Mejor.!!

lucabtbw says:

@rossonera4life just by watching his face i start hearing my wrist saying "let me punch that motherfucker please!! " xD forza MILAN!!!!!

HeidBummer says:

GO AC milan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makuwa94 says:

@TheTheBenBenBen97 Only one fucking here is busquets – with grass : ) there shouldn't be any free kick.

Rafael Pereira says:

pato is the beast.!!!!!

Hail Milan !!!!!!!

- Nicolas - says:

the ac milan his very very very good

Unlimited High Quality Openings says:

@MrAlaaobaji fuck you

Unlimited High Quality Openings says:

@al7capone he loves to fuck you

Alaa Obaji says:


Dennis Dreyer says:

@buffalogilles its not called diving its called helping to get a freekick 🙂

TheTheBenBenBen97 says:

Great goal from pato also great goal from VILLA but fucking lucky ac milan FC BARCELONA

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