Udinese 0-3 AC Milan 23-11-2006

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Serie A 2006-2007


27kpboateng says:

la partita è del 23 Dicembre 2006

Nonso87 says:

l'anno che vincemmo la champions 2007

Andrei Nosatîi says:

Udinese 2-1 AC Milan 23.11.2012

p.s. What happens to Milan ?

darius diaz says:

U guys r so pathetic and useless fans. How about instead of doubting our team. U actually cheer the on for fucks sake. Fucking crying bc "Aww Milan didn't win the first couple games" stfu bc there going to do fine this year!

Chris D. says:

we deff will not play like this today D:

Fahad zsaz says:

so so good… :'( Milan is devastated now hopefully berlscuni will bring back the team for the sake of the fans

Vittorio Cristofori says:


yanwalando says:

We were so good…

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